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In order to prepare your tax return, you will need to gather a variety of information and forms. One such form is Ps 8125. This form is used to calculate the amount of your self-employment tax. If you are self-employed, it is important to understand how this tax works and how to correctly fill out the Ps 8125 form. This article will provide an overview of the self-employment tax and explain how to complete the Ps 8125 form.

You will discover info about the type of form you want to submit in the table. It will tell you the amount of time you will need to finish ps 8125 form, exactly what parts you will need to fill in and a few additional specific facts.

Form NamePs 8125 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields94
Avg. time to fill out19 min 18 sec
Other namesusps form shipment, form 8025, pvds, ps 8125

Form Preview Example

United States Postal Service®








1. Requested In-Home Delivery Date

2. Drop ShipAppointment Number










(3-day window)








Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS)




















Verification and Clearance



This form available at










See Instructions on Reverse











































3. Mailer Name








4. FASTScheduler ID

5. Mailer Contact Name

6. Mailer Contact Telephone


























(Include area code)






























Origin Plant Location (City, state, ZIP+4®)





Check One






























Identical-Weight Pieces. Weight of a Single Piece ______________lbs.























Nonidentical-Weight Pieces


























Class of Mail





Product or Publication Title


Total Gross Weight of Shipment (Verified at origin office)










Std. Mail



or Names













































Package Services


































12. Type of Mail Processing Category (Check all that apply)









International (Specify class)

























Automation Compatible

Irregular Parcels



































Machinable Parcels

Nonmachinable Parcels

























































a. No. Pallets

b. No. Pallets


c. No. Pallets


d. No. Pallets



Non-Palletized Containers








of Trays ___________

of Sacks __________

of Parcels __________


of Bundles __________






























































































No. of Bundles




































































5-D Scheme















No. of Trays






























































5-D CR

















No. of Sacks

























































































iv. 5-D Scheme CR















No. of Parcels








































































No. of Other (Describe)




























































All Other













































































14. Entry Discounts







Mailing Includes Pieces For Delivery Outside ServiceArea of Entry Office.













































(Check all that apply)


International Service Center (ISC)


Other (International):








15. Comments -- Record SCF/ADC/BMC/ASF designator(s) and ZIPCode(s) from the DMM label list for mailing presented or attach register.

















16a. Contact at Company Making Drop ShipAppointment (If other than mailer and if known when completing this

16b. Telephone





















































17. Origin Post Office(City, state, and ZIP+4)




26a. Name of USPS® Employee

26b. Employee's Telephone Number

























Verifying Mail



(Include area code)



































Verified at


















































DMU (Mailer's plant)





















BMEU or Post Office




26c. Signature of Verifying Employee

27. Round Stamp (Required)

































19. Permit Number




20. Postage Payment Method









































(Except for Periodicals)
























































26d. USPS Contact Name (If other








23. Vehicle PVDS Seal Number

24. Vehicle ID Number












Total Pieces





Total Weight of Mailing



than verifying employee)










































































































Load Condition Irregularities (Check all that apply)





































Broken Pallets




Mailings are not Separated by




28. Entry Office (Facility name, address, city, state and ZIP+4® code as


Container Counts do not Match Form

Form 8125







found in the Drop Ship Product.)













Overweight Pallets






















Damaged Mail




Pallets Too Tall























Improper Mail Makeup


Incorrect Mail Class
















































Load Unsafe




Other (Describe in item 32)































Note: Appointments with 100% Periodicals can be presented whenever the


IncorrectAppointment Type









destination facility is open and staffed.








34. Scan the barcode upon receipt.

































































Date/Time ofArrival



Date/Time of Departure














29a. USPS Receiving Employee

29b. USPS Receiving Employee


























































































32. Comments (NOTE: Enter bedload discrepancies as percentages and
















pallet discrepancies as pallet counts.)



































































PS Form 8125,July 2007 (NSN 7530-02-000-7255) (Page 1 of 2)





Destination Office —1

Mailer—2 Origin Post Office —3


Definitions and Features

The purpose of this form is to prove to the entry facility that the mail being presented by the mailer or mailer's agent was verified and paid for at origin.

Plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) enables origin verification and postage payment for shipments that a mailer transports from the mailer's plant to destination Post Offices™ where the prepaid and pre-verified shipments are accepted by the Postal Service™ as mail.

Postal Service employees verify PVDS mailings for classification, rate eligibility, preparation, volume, and presort either at the mailer's plant or at the origin Post Office serving the mailer's plant.

Standards for PVDS shipments are in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM™) 705.15. Information about destination entry discounts for each class of mail are in DMM 200, 300, 400, Enter and Deposit.

Appointments to deposit PVDS mailings at entry offices are required for Standard Mail® and Package Services. Advance notification of Periodicals drop shipments must be provided in the FacilityAccess and Shipment Tracking (FAST) system.

Instructions for Mailer

The mailer must submit an original and at least 1 copy of PS Form 8125, or an approved facsimile with each PVDS mailing presented for verification and postage payment to the origin verifying Post Office (or detached mail unit) completed as described below. Submit the original Form 8125, after being signed and round stamped by the origin verifying Post Office, to the entry Post Office with the PVDS mailing it represents. PS Form 8125 is not required for PVDS mailings sent via Express Mail® or Priority Mail® Open and Distribute.

Completing Form 8125

1.Requested In-Home Delivery Date: If this box is completed, the mailer or mailer's agent should deposit the mailing at the entry office in time to meet the delivery window. Delivery within this window is not guaranteed.

2.Drop ShipmentAppointment Number: The appointment number is required and may be added by the mailer or mailer's agent after the Form 8125 is signed and dated by the origin Post Office but before the PVDS mailing is presented to the destination Post Office.

3-16. The Mailer Information section identifies the mail preparer and appointment scheduler and provides a description of the mail to be deposited at the destination entry facility listed in item 28. The mailer must complete all items in the Mailer Information section except for items 13i-vi. (if pallet presort is known).

In items 5 & 6 (and items 16a and 16b, if necessary), list the name and telephone number of a mailer contact who is familiar with the subject mailing and who can resolve problems that may arise at the entry office.

In items 13, report the mail as configured for verification and as it will be presented to the entry office (for example, if trays are on pallets, show the number of pallets with trays). If a mailing consists of a combination of palletized and non-palletized mail, report each segment correctly in this item. Identifying pallet presort levels is optional.

In item 14, show all entry discounts claimed for pieces in the mailing.Asingle mailing may contain pieces subject to different entry discounts (no more than one entry discount may be claimed for any individual piece).

In item 15, you may show other mailer information (for example, sequence number for a postage statement, manifest, or PS Form 8125). Mailer must record SCF/ADC/BMC/ASF designator(s) and ZIPCode(s) from the DMM label list for mailing presented or attach register.

28.Enter the facilty name, address, city, state and ZIP+4® code as found in the Drop Ship product where the PVDS mailing will be entered. All entry discounts must be based on entry at this facility. To review facilities entry information, go to login required) and click on Reports and then click on Mail Direction Search - Go.

Submitting Mailing and PS Form 8125 to Entry Post Office

The mailer or mailer's agent must submit original of this Form 8125 (with the original signature and round stamp of the origin Post Office) with the PVDS mailing presented for acceptance to the entry postal facility shown in item 28 . Submit a second copy if you want one signed by the entry office and returned for your records.

The mailing presented to the entry office must be configured as reported under item 13 and must match the other information on PS Form 8125 as validated by the origin Post Office (verifying office).

Mail must not be reconfigured in containers after verification at origin. This ensures that the entry office is able to reconcile the information on the PS Form 8125 with the mail being presented for acceptance. For example, mail verified and reported as non-palletized sacks or trays (rather than as sacks or trays prepared on pallets) must be presented to the entry Post Office in the same configuration.

Consolidators must not take mail received from mailers as non-palletized sacked or trayed mailings (reported on Forms 8125 as non-palletized mailings) and place the mail on pallets or in other containers after verification (for reasons such as facilitating transportation) because the entry office will be unable to reconcile the mail with the PS Forms 8125 representing the mail. For example, if an agent places on pallets 10 sacks from one mailing and 15 sacks from another mailing reported on PS Forms 8125 as non-palletized sacks, then there would be no PS Form 8125 representing one pallet of 25 sacks, and the destination entry office may refuse or delay acceptance of the mail.

Instructions for OriginPost Office (Office Where PVDS Mailing Is Verified)

Be sure the mailer has completed all required items in the Mailer Information section and item 28.

After verifying that all information is correct, complete the Origin Post Office section. Items 23 and 24 are optional.

Sign and round stamp this form. Return original and a copy (if submitted by mailer) to the mailer. Retain a copy in your files for 1 year.

Instructions for Destination Entry Post Office or Delivery Unit

Either remove the PS Forms 8125 for your office from the vehicle or receive them from the mailer or mailer's agent and check that your office is shown as the entry facility under item 28.

Check that the form is completed, signed, and round stamped by the origin Post Office.

Check the integrity of the mail load to be sure that it is safe to unload. Note any load condition irregularities under item 33.

Compare the shipment with the form(s) for class, volume (such as number of containers), processing category, entry rates claimed, etc.

If PS Form 8125 is properly completed and the information on it matches the mail, then accept the shipment. Complete the "Destination" section (items 29 through 34) legibly. Retain PS Form 8125 in your files for 1 year. If the mailer or mailer's agent has presented a second copy, then complete the "Destination" section on the copy and return it to the mailer or mailer's agent who presented it to you.

If the mail is visibly damaged, if the shipment does not match the information on the PS Form 8125, or if the entry facility on the PS Form 8125 is not your facility, then do not accept the mail until the discrepancy is resolved.

You may need to notify your supervisor of the problem(s).

Either you or your supervisor may need to contact the origin Post Office (see items 26a, b, c, and d) to resolve the discrepancy.

Scan the barcode that appears in item 34 using the hand held scanner provided.

PS Form 8125,July 2007 (NSN 7530-02-000-7255) (Page 2 of 2)

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The program will ask you to include specific vital data to conveniently fill in the section tin, U, y, revileD, ro and ecf, if, Ot, so, Pyr, t, nE, no, it, an, it, seD

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