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The S 103 form is an important document used by employers to report changes in employee earnings. It’s a powerful tool that allows employers to accurately track and pay employees the correct wages. Knowing how to fill out the S 103 form correctly can help ensure that you make wise decisions about your payroll process, as well as protect yourself from potential legal issues or worker conflicts down the line. In this blog post, we will discuss all things related to the S 103 form, including what it is, when it should be used and how it can make your payroll management more efficient.

Form NameS 103 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namessales10revenue, blank tax exempt form, S-103, wisconsin tax exempt form printable

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PO Box 8902





Madison WI 53708-8902




Fill in all information requested below and send to the Wisconsin Department of







Revenue. See reverse side for general information. Retain a copy for your records.







1. Name of Organization (Please print)


Exemption Certiicate #

2. Business Address (Number and Street or Rural Route)

Date Issued

City or Post Ofice


Zip Code


3. Mailing Address (if different from above)



Zip Code

4. Name of Contact Person

Email Address

5. Type of Organization (Check One) See instructions on reverse side for required documentation.

a. Religious

b. Educational

c. Scientiic

d. Charitable

e. Youth

f. Prevention of cruelty to children or animals

g. United States Governmental Unit

h. Any federally recognized American Indian Tribe or Band in this state.

i. Wisconsin Governmental Unit (Check the box below that best describes your Wisconsin governmental unit)

State of Wisconsin or any agency thereof

Wisconsin county, city, village, or town, including public inland lake protection and rehabilitation districts under secs. 33.21 to 33.23, Wis. Stats., municipal public housing authorities under secs. 66.395 and 66.40, Wis. Stats., and uptown business improvement districts under sec. 66.608, Wis. Stats.

Wisconsin public schools, school districts, universities, and technical college districts.

County-city hospital established under sec. 66.47, Wis. Stats. and local cultural arts district.

Sewerage commission organized under sec. 281.43(4), Wis. Stats., metropolitan sewerage district organized under secs. 66.20 to 66.26 or 66.88 to 66.918, Wis. Stats., or joint local water authority under sec. 66.0735, Wis. Stats.

Local Exposition District, Local Professional Baseball Park District, Local Cultural Arts District, or Professional Football Stadium District under ch. 229, Wis. Stats.

University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority, the Wisconsin Aerospace Authority, the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan Authority, the Wisconsin Quality Home Care Authority, the Fox River Navigational System Authority, or a Regional Transit Authority in Wisconsin.

6. Are donations to your organization deductible for Wisconsin and federal income tax purposes?


No (If no, please explain)

7. Do you make or intend to make any sales of property or services which are subject to the Wisconsin sales or use tax?



If your answer is “YES”, your organization may need to apply for a seller’s permit (see instructions for further details). Note: United States governmental units are not required to obtain a seller’s permit.

8. Do you hold a Wisconsin Seller’s Permit for sales and use tax purposes?

Yes Permit #


9. Federal Employer Identiication Number









I declare under penalties of law that I have examined this information and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete.




Print Name

Phone Number

S-103 (R. 9-10)


Sales to certain nonprofit organizations, Tribes, and governmental units described in 1, 2, and 3 below are exempt from Wisconsin sales or use tax. So that retailers can identify these nonprofit organizations, Tribes or governmental units that qualify for this exemption, the department issues the nonprofit organization, Tribe or governmental unit a Certificate of Exempt Status (CES) number. This application should be completed by the following to obtain a CES number:

1.Organizations, including youth organizations, organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational, scientific, or charitable purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.

2.Federal and Wisconsin governmental units. Governmental units of other countries and states will not be issued a CES.

3.Federally recognized American Indian Tribes or bands in this state.

Examples of organizations that do not qualify for a CES number are civic organizations, chambers of commerce, business or union organizations, fraternal or recreational groups, professional societies, social clubs, and veteran organizations and their auxiliaries. Purchases made by these organizations will be subject to Wisconsin sales and use tax unless some other exemption applies.


1.Nonprofit Organizations: Check the box in line 5 that best describes your organization.

2.Governmental Units: A CES number will be issued to the government unit level holding the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for the unit. In lieu of providing suppliers with a CES number, a Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (Form S-211) or a purchase order identifying the governmental unit as purchaser may be provided.

3.Tribes: A CES number will be issued to the Tribe.

4.Required Documentation: Organizations applying for a CES, except Tribes or governmental units, should submit copies of the following documentation along with their application:

a.Articles of incorporation or bylaws.

b.Statement of receipts (income) and disbursements (expenses) for their last accounting period.

c.Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determination letter.

5.Seller’s Permit: A nonprofit organization or Wisconsin governmental unit is required to charge Wisconsin sales tax on retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services, unless the sales qualify as exempt occasional sales or are otherwise exempt.

A nonprofit organization or Wisconsin governmental unit shall meet all of the following standards for its sales to qualify as exempt occasional sales:

a.The organization is not engaged in a trade or business.

b.Entertainment is not involved for which an admission is charged.

c.The organization does not have or is not required to have a Wisconsin seller’s permit.

A nonprofit organization or Wisconsin governmental unit is not engaged in a business or trade if it meets one of the following:

a.Its sales of otherwise taxable tangible personal property or services or its events occur on 20 days or less in a calendar year; or

b.Its taxable gross receipts for the calendar year are $25,000 or less.

Questions: Phone (608) 266-2776

FAX (608) 267-1030

E-mail: sales10@revenue.wi.gov

Web site: www.revenue.wi.gov