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In the journey towards establishing a successful career in the competitive realm of insurance and financial services, the Sales & Leadership Career Profile (SLCP) questionnaire emerges as a critical preliminary step for aspiring State Farm independent contractor agents. Crafted by LIMRA International, this tool is more than just a questionnaire; it's a predictive mechanism designed to gauge a candidate's potential for success in roles that demand a blend of sales acumen and business leadership. The SLCP assessment meticulously compares the participant's responses against those from a vast pool of successful State Farm agents, culminating in a rating that forecasts the candidate's likelihood of flourishing in this distinct career path. Achieving an acceptable rating shines a hopeful light on the individual's prospects within the industry, while a less favorable score may suggest the need for growth or reconsideration of career alignment. Importantly, the results are career-specific and do not purport to predict success in fields outside insurance sales and business leadership. Rooted in self-description, the questionnaire encourages honesty and individuality, recognizing the unique journey of each candidate. It delves into various dimensions of the applicant's life and aspirations—ranging from personal background, current and financial situation, to their experience in recruiting, work preferences, goals, motivations, energy levels, and innate business leadership capabilities. Available in both proctored and unproctored formats, this assessment accommodates the diverse needs of applicants, ensuring that any circumstances necessitating special testing accommodations are respectfully addressed. This commitment to an equitable assessment process underscores the importance of the SLCP in identifying the potential of aspiring sales leaders, making it a pivotal step for those eyeing a successful career with State Farm.

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Other namesstate farm slcp questionnaire, state farm slcp test, questionnaire state slcp, slcp assessment state farm

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One of the first steps along the path to becoming a State Farm independent contractor agent is taking the Sales & Leadership Career Profile (SLCP) questionnaire.

The SLCP questionnaire was designed by LIMRA International to help predict an individual’s probability of success in a sales-focused and business leadership branch of the insurance and financial services industry.

The answers provided are processed by LIMRA International, compared with answers from a large pool of successful State Farm agents and are returned to State Farm as a rating. Acceptable ratings will indicate a better-than-average chance for success. Of course, an unacceptable rating indicates a lower chance for success. The results do not, however, indicate your chances for success in any other career choice.

By completing the SLCP, you are describing yourself. Each candidate is unique and every person’s answers will vary, so be sure to answer the questions honestly.

The Sales & Leadership Career Profile is a hybrid screening tool designed to predict the likelihood of success in an insurance sales production and business leadership career. The assessment considers the following about you:


Current Situation

Financial Situation

Recruiting experience

Work preferences, goals, and motivations

Familiarity with the career


Business Leadership aptitude

The questionnaire is not timed and will be administered by computer, proctored or unproctored. Any condition or circumstance that might affect your ability to complete this questionnaire should be reported to State Farm prior to testing. Once such a request has been made, please be prepared to provide verification of your need for accommodation.

Unauthorized exposure to actual questionnaires prior to responding to the questionnaire will automatically disqualify the applicant from employment consideration.

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