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The form that you need to file your case in St Lucie County Clerk of Court is available on their website. The form is a petition for dissolution of marriage and it is in PDF format. You can download the form, complete it, and then submit it to the court. There are instructions included with the form that will help you file your case correctly. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully so that your case is processed correctly. The St Lucie County Clerk of Court website also has other resources available that may be helpful to you during your divorce process.

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Form NameSt Lucie County Clerk Of Court
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields91
Avg. time to fill out19 min 1 sec
Other namesport saint lucie jury duty, wwwstlucieclerk com jury, st lucie clerk jury duty, clerk juror lucie

Form Preview Example

Request for Redaction of Exempt Personal Information From Non-Judicial Public Records

I request to have exempt personal information removed from records maintained by the St. Lucie County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller’s Office.

Current/former government agency employee in the category checked below

Spouse of a current/former government agency employee in the category checked below

Child of a current/former government agency employee in the category checked below

Protected individual requesting redaction in the category checked below

Statutory Basis for Removal:


Victim of violent crime [s. 119.071(2)(j)1, F.S.]*

supervisors [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.k., F.S.]

Victim of an incident of mass violence [s.

Public Defender and APDs [s.119.071(4)(d)2.l., F.S.]

119.071(2)(o), F.S.]**

Criminal conflict counsel and civil regional counsel

Law enforcement officers or civilian staff,

[s. 119.071(4)(d)2.l., F.S.]

correctional and correctional probation officers [s.

Dept of Business Regulation investigators and

119.071(4)(d)2.a., F.S.]

inspectors [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.m., F.S.]

Dept of Children and Family investigator [s.

Tax collectors (current only) [s.119.071(4)(d)2.n.,

119.071(4)(d)2.a., F.S.]


Dept of Health investigator of child abuse or

Dept of Health personnel involved in eligibility,

neglect [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.a., F.S.]

investigation, prosecution, and inspection [s.

Dept of Revenue or local government child support

119.071(4)(d)2.o., F.S.]

collection/enforcement personnel [s.

Impaired practitioner consultants retained by an

119.071(4)(d)2.a., F.S.]

agency [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.p., F.S.]

Florida Department of Financial Services

Emergency medical technician or paramedic [s.

investigative personnel [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.b., F.S.]

119.071(4)(d)2.q., F.S.]

Office of Financial Regulation’s Bureau of Financial

Agency inspector general office or internal audit

Investigations investigative personnel [s.

department employees with auditing or potential

119.071(4)(d)2.c., F.S.]

criminal investigating or disciplinary duties [s.

Firefighter [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.d., F.S.]

119.071(4)(d)2.r., F.S.]

Justice or judge [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.e., F.S.]

Addiction treatment facility director, manager,

State attorney and ASAs [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.f., F.S.]

supervisor, nurse, or clinical employee [s.

Statewide prosecutor and asst. statewide

119.071(4)(d)2.s., F.S.]**

prosecutors [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.f., F.S.]

Child advocacy center director, manager,

General or Special Magistrate [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.g,

supervisor, clinical employee of [s.


119.071(4)(d)2.t., F.S.]

Judge of Compensation Claims, Administrative Law

Domestic violence center current or former staff

Judge [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.g, F.S.]

and advocates [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.u., F.S.]

Child Support Hearing Officer [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.g,

U.S. Attorney and AUSAs [s. 119.071(5)(i)1., F.S.]**


U.S. Judge or U.S. Magistrate [s. 119.071(5)(i)1.,

Local Govt. or Water Mgt. District Human


resources manager/assistant manager [s.

Public guardians and employees with fiduciary

119.071(4)(d)2.h., F.S.]

responsibilities [s. 744.21031, F.S.]

Local Govt. or Water Mgt. District Labor or

* Attach official verification of crime (i.e. police

employee relations manager/assistant manager [s.

report or injunction). 5-year renewable exemption.

119.071(4)(d)2.h., F.S.]

**Names of spouse/children for marked individuals

Code enforcement officer [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.i., F.S.]

are not exempt

Guardian ad litem [s. 119.071(4)(d)2.j., F.S.]

NOTE: Grantor, grantee, or party names cannot be

Juvenile probation/detention officer, house

removed from Official Records unless they contain

parent, therapy provider, counselor and their

the street address


BP Redaction Request Procedure rev 09/22/21



Printed Name: __________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ______________________________________________________________

Email address: ___________________________________________________________________


Address where I (or qualifying spouse or child) reside (physical, mailing, or street address):

The following additional address information for address where I reside: legal property description (consider title implications), parcel identification number, plot identification number, neighborhood name and lot number, GPS coordinates, other description property information that may reveal home address:

Telephone Number(s)

Social Security Number (do not list SSN) / Date of Birth:

Names of spouse and/or children to be redacted:**


Place(s) of Employment/Location:

Name and Location of School/Daycare Facility of child):

Personal assets (crime victim):

WARNING: There may be consequences to redacting information on a public record, which is a risk undertaken by the requestor. Only the documents identified by the requestor will be redacted. Once redaction is requested and completed, future redactions require an additional redaction request. **However, grantor, grantee, or party names cannot be removed, unless the street address is included in the name, such as in a Trust or LLC. (Section 28.2221(2)(b), Florida Statutes.)

PUBLIC RECORD: This form is itself a public record. If a copy of it is requested, all exempt information contained in this form will be redacted.


The following section is to be completed during or after a visit to the St. Lucie County Clerk’s /Comptroller’s Office at Provide your Clerk’s/Comptroller’s Website or the office, address, and zip code of office.

As a result of my review of the Official Records of the St. Lucie County Clerk’s/Comptroller’s Office, I hereby agree that the St. Lucie County Clerk’s/Comptroller’s Office staff has my permission to modify a copy of the following documents in accordance with Section 119.071, Florida Statutes. I understand that only the modified copy will be made available to the public, unless otherwise ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Instrument Number



Document Title





























BP Redaction Request Procedure rev 09/22/21

Documents Other Than Official Records:

RELEASE TO GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES: An unredacted version of these documents will be provided to the Property Appraiser and Tax Collector to allow them to perform their governmental duties and responsibilities. To redact information held by the Property Appraiser or the Tax Collector you must make a written request to those agencies directly under Section 119.071(4)(d)(4), F.S. To redact information held by the Property Appraiser call 772-462-1000 or by the Tax Collector call 772-462-1650. If you wish to release your information to other individuals or entities, please complete a Request to Release Redacted Information on Recorded Documents form.

RELEASE FOR TITLE SEARCHES: an unredacted version of these documents may be provided to title insurers, agents or agencies and attorneys conducting title searches as authorized in section 28.2221(6)(b), F.S. Notice of any title search release will be sent to the most recent address on the recorded documents on the redaction request provided by the requestor.


If you have previously requested protection of a home address that is no longer your residence, you are required by Florida law to submit a written, notarized request to release the removed information. Please ask the Clerk or Recorder for the Release form. *Releases for other Florida counties must be submitted directly to that county.

The information provided on this request for confidentiality is itself to be kept confidential. Confidential information is defined as: a physical address, mailing address, street address, parcel ID number, plot ID number, legal property description, neighborhood name, lot number, GPS coordinates, any descriptive property information that reveals the home address, Social Security number, dates of birth, photographs, phone number, names of spouses and/or children, place of employment of spouse or children, names and addresses of child's school or day care center. Redaction of family members is subject to the qualifying individual’s employment. The information may only be used by the St. Lucie County Clerk’s staff in order to process my request for confidentiality.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller of St. Lucie County and the staff for any consequences arising from this request for confidentiality. I understand that my classification may or may not be subject to the Open Government Sunset Review Act in accordance with s. 119.15.







Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me by means of physical presence or online notarization, this __ day of ____________, ____, by ____________________________________.

Personally Known to me or who has produced _______________________ as identification.




Signature of Notary Public – State of Florida




Print, Type, or Stamp Name of Notary Public

BP Redaction Request Procedure rev 09/22/21


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With the objective of allowing it to be as effortless to apply as possible, we developed our PDF editor. The process of filling in the stluciecountyclerk com jury is going to be hassle-free in case you stick to the following actions.

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Note the appropriate information in prosecutors, sd, fFS General, or, Special, Magistrates, d, g d, q, FS Child, advocacy, center, director, manager supervisor, clinical, employee, of, s, dt, FS and, advocates, s, du, FS responsibilities, sF, S Judges, d, gFS Child, Support, Hearing, Officers, d, g and Local, Govt, or, Water, Mg, t, District, Labor, or area.

prosecutorssdfFS, GeneralorSpecialMagistratesdg, dqFS, Childadvocacycenterdirectormanager, supervisorclinicalemployeeofsdtFS, andadvocatessduFS, responsibilitiessFS, JudgesdgFS, ChildSupportHearingOfficersdg, and LocalGovtorWaterMgtDistrictLaboror in jury clerk lucie

You will need to put down some information within the area REQUEST, OR, CONTACT, INFORMATION and INFORMATION, TO, BE, RED, ACTED

step 3 to finishing jury clerk lucie

Inside of box Document, Title Book, Page, and BP, Red, action, Request, Procedure, rev define the rights and responsibilities.

jury clerk lucie DocumentTitle, Book, Page, and BPRedactionRequestProcedurerev fields to fill

Check the fields Documents, Other, Than, Official, Records and then complete them.

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