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Form Name Yes No Maybe List
Form Length 4 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 1 min
Other names yes no maybe list for couples, kink list yes no maybe, yes no maybe sex list, kink list generator

Form Preview Example

Yes-No-Maybe: A Kinky List

Read more about this list:

Experience? Willingness?

Notes & Nuances

(Yes or No) 0=No 5=Yes

Anal sex

Beating (hands)

Beating (padded clubs)

Being bitten

Being serviced (sexual)


Body paint

Bondage (heavy/suspension)

Bondage (intricate/Japanese style)

Bondage (light)


Butt plugs

Cages (locked inside of)



Chastity belts


Cock rings/straps

Cock worship



Cuffs (leather/metal)


Double penetration

Erotic dancing


Eye contact restrictions

Experience? Willingness?

Notes & Nuances

(Yes or No) 0=No 5=Yes

Face slapping



Following orders

Food play (cucumbers, sorbet...)

Foot worship

Gags (cloth/tape)

Genital sex

Hair pulling

Hairbrush spankings

Hand jobs (giving)

Hand jobs (receiving)

Head (giving)

Head (receiving)

High heels

Hot waxing

Ice cubes


Leather clothing

Leather restraints

Lingerie (wearing)

Manacles & Irons

Manicures (giving)

Manicures (receiving)

Marks (giving)

Marks (receiving)

Massage (giving)

Massage (receiving)

Modeling for erotic photos

Experience? Willingness?

Notes & Nuances

(Yes or No) 0=No 5=Yes

Nipple play/"torture"

Oral/anal play (rimming)

Orgasm denial

Outdoor sex

Over-the-knee spanking

Pain (mild to severe)

Phone sex


Play Kidnapping

Punishment Scene

Pussy/cock whipping/spanking

Riding crops

Rubber/latex clothing

Saran wrapping

Scenes (prison, religious, etc.)

Scratching (giving)

Scratching (receiving)

Serving as a maid/butler


Shoe/boot worship


Slutty clothing (private or public)


Spreader bars

Standing in corner


Strap-on dildos

Swallowing semen

Swapping (with one other couple)

Experience? Willingness?

Notes & Nuances

(Yes or No) 0=No 5=Yes

Swinging (multiple couples)



TENS Unit (electrical toy)

Thumbcuffs (metal)


Triple Penetration


Vibrator on genitals

Video (recordings of you)

Video (watching others)

Violet Wand (electrical toy)

Voyeurism (watching others)

Wearing symbolic jewelry


Wooden paddles



Medical conditions

Aftercare issues

Other fun stuff/ideas

How to Edit Yes-No-Maybe List Form Online for Free

It's very easy to fill out the yes no maybe list empty blanks. Our software will make it almost effortless to edit any type of PDF file. Down the page are the only four steps you should take:

Step 1: Hit the button "Get form here" to access it.

Step 2: When you get into the yes no maybe list editing page, there'll be lots of the actions you can undertake with regards to your template within the upper menu.

All of the following parts are what you will need to fill out to get your prepared PDF form.

part 1 to filling out yes no maybe list pdf

Put the asked data in the Bondage intricateJapanese style, Bondage light, Bruises, Butt plugs, Cages locked inside of, Caning, Chains, Chastity belts, Clothespins, Cock ringsstraps, Cock worship, Corsets, Crossdressing, Cuffs leathermetal, and Dildos segment.

Completing yes no maybe list pdf part 2

You'll be expected to write down the information to help the application complete the box Dildos, Double penetration, Erotic dancing, Exhibitionism, and Eye contact restrictions.

Finishing yes no maybe list pdf step 3

The Yes or No No Yes, Face slapping, Fisting, Flogging, Following orders, Food play cucumbers sorbet, Foot worship, Gags clothtape, Genital sex, Hair pulling, Hairbrush spankings, Hand jobs giving, and Hand jobs receiving box will be your place to indicate the rights and obligations of each party.

part 4 to completing yes no maybe list pdf

Complete the document by checking the following fields: Head giving, Head receiving, High heels, Hot waxing, Ice cubes, Kneeling, Leather clothing, Leather restraints, Lingerie wearing, Manacles Irons, Manicures giving, Manicures receiving, Marks giving, Marks receiving, and Massage giving.

Filling out yes no maybe list pdf stage 5

Step 3: Choose the Done button to save the document. So now it is at your disposal for transfer to your gadget.

Step 4: Create copies of your document - it can help you prevent potential future difficulties. And don't get worried - we cannot disclose or read your data.

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