Free Artwork Bill of Sale Form

Selling your artwork is more effective if you use a bill of sale. It acts as an invoice or receipt that shows the business transaction details between the buyer and seller. An artwork bill of sale is a binding document that contains the details of parties involved, the artwork description, price, contact information, mode of payment, and other relevant information. However, you need to research the requirements for the bill of sale completion in your state due to law variations.

Every artist should incorporate an artwork bill of sale for tax and record-keeping purposes.

Why Do You Need an Artwork Bill of Sale?

Artists who use a purchase agreement to finalize their transactions portray a professional image and are more likely to attract serious buyers. Although you may sell your artwork locally to family and friends in your community, it is imperative to use an artwork bill of sale to prevent unnecessary claims from the buyer after sealing the deal. One of the primary reasons is that the document is legal and acts as insurance to protect both parties from liability in case of damage or fraudulent activities.

Since artistic works are also prone to piracy, the bill of sale will clearly state that the artwork is not subject to copyright infringement. The buyer cannot reproduce the artwork without consulting the artist. It is a crime in most states with legal penalties. Hence, the document protects the artist from a dishonest purchaser.

Can I Create an Artwork Bill of Sale Online?

Technology has made it easier for most artists who want to sell original works of art. You do not need to stress yourself about the legal jargon and composing the artist bill of sale alone. Numerous bill of sale examples are accessible online with just one click. We offer a highly customized artwork bill of sale forms on our site that you can download and print. They are also editable in case you may want to add more information to suit your sale agreement.

Although it is possible to consult with your lawyer, you will have to pay extra to get a bill of sale form. On top of that, you will waste time making trips to the law firm to sign more papers before finalizing the deal. Why go through all that when you can simply download a free bill of sale template online? The template is available in different forms such as Microsoft Word, ODT, and PDF. Select one that is convenient for you and suits your sales needs.

Fill in the details, download, and print it as you prepare to sell your art to potential customers.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Artwork Bill of Sale template in PDF, .doc, or .odt formats

How Do I Sell My Artwork?

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start selling your masterpiece or complete a bill of sale, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1. Describe the Artwork

Exercise due diligence on how other artists describe their work. What do they include? Is it an abstract or realistic piece? Engage the customers to get a feel for what they are buying. Most art enthusiasts would love to know more about the medium used, the frame, and any relevant information that might capture the interest of potential buyers.

Step 2. Determine the Cost

Next, consider the price of your artwork. How do you come up with a reasonable price that will not scare away potential customers? Research extensively and find out what other artists are charging in your field of work. Consider how much you invested in materials as well as the time and effort you spent. Your talent and popularity also count when it comes to selling the work of art.

Step 3. Put It Up for Sale

Determine how and where you will sell your artwork. Who are your target customers and how will you reach out to them? Put up advertisements to market your art piece. You can take advantage of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create awareness about your upcoming sale.

If you find a serious buyer, proceed to negotiate the details and come to a consensus. Prepare for a meeting to finalize the sale and discuss how to deliver the artwork.

Step 4.Finalize the Artwork Bill of Sale

After the buyer and seller reach a consensus regarding the price and delivery terms, filling in an artwork bill of sale is the next step. It is a simple process that entails writing the particulars of both parties on paper. The following are the details that are usually indicated in the form:

  • The buyer’s full name, address, phone number, and zip code
  • The seller’s full name, address, phone number, and zip code
  • The date of sale finalization
  • The cost of the artwork
  • Delivery charges
  • The description of the artwork: title, size, medium used, and frame price
  • Copyright details – terms and conditions
  • Tax details
  • Reproduction rights and copyright fees
  • Date and signature of the buyer, seller, and witnesses
  • Notary information

As an artist selling your work, ensure that you make copies of the bill of sale form. The buyer retains the original as proof of ownership. Seek advice from a legal representative for the final seal of acknowledgment. After the buyer pays the money, the sale is complete.

Certificate of Authenticity

Another important document that you can include in your art sale is a Certificate of Authenticity. It is a legal document that verifies that the art piece is your genuine creation. It protects the interests of the buyer when the value of the art appreciates in the future, and it also acts as insurance if any legal issues arise.

Details to include in this certificate are:

  • Name of the artist
  • Description of the artwork: year of creation, dimensions, medium
  • Special instructions: hanging or mounting, specific positions
  • A high resolution image of the artwork

As an artist selling your work, ensure that you make copies of the bill of sale form. The buyer retains the original as proof of ownership. Seek advice from a legal representative for the final seal of acknowledgment. After the buyer pays the money, the sale is complete.

Published: Oct 1, 2020