Bicycle Bill of Sale Form

A bicycle bill of sale form is a vital document that acts as a receipt showing the purchase contract between the buyer and seller in detail. When you want to sell your bicycle, ensure that you incorporate a bill of sale form before finalizing the transaction. A bicycle bill of sale form is an essential document that shows the business deal between the buyer and seller. It is a legal document that binds both parties through signatures and acknowledgment of liability as per the purchase agreement.

The bill of sale form provides details about the bicycle, the purchase price, names of the seller, buyer, and witnesses, and other relevant information.


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Why Do You Need a Bicycle Bill of Sale?

Although you may sell your bicycle without a bill of sale form, it is more secure to incorporate one due to many reasons. Apart from records, it shows the real owner of the bicycle. It prevents scammers from selling stolen items since the sale form traces the history of transactions. No need to worry about the risks of fraud or scam as a bicycle bill of sale offers transparency and accountability.

The sale form offers convenience in carrying out a quick “as-is” sale without complications.

Can I Create a Bicycle Bill of Sale Online?

If you want to compose a purchase agreement alone, you can research and see the samples of bicycle bill of sale forms to understand the requirements. But if you want a quick sale, you can download a free bill of sale form on our site.

Select a suitable format that works well for your business forms, whether you want Microsoft Word, PDF, or ODT. No need to stress yourself with paying lawyers for a purchase agreement while you can download it for free.

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How Do I Sell My Bicycle?

If you are looking to sell your bicycle and don’t know how to use a bill of sale form, follow the guide below.

Step 1. Describe the Bicycle

step 1 describe the bicycle - how do i sell my bicycle

The first step is to describe your bicycle in detail. The make, model, color, year of manufacture, tire size, serial number, and other specifics make up the basic set of features to indicate in the document. Ensure the bike is in good state with no faulty parts. Buyers are more likely to buy a bicycle that does not require any repairs after the sale. Clean it up and start marketing your bike.

Step 2. Pricing

step 2 pricing - how do i sell my bicycle

Before you start advertising the bicycle sale, ensure that you have a reasonable selling price. Do not overstate the cost because you might chase away potential buyers. Carry our extensive research and set a reasonable price that will favor both parties.

Step 3. Put Your Bicycle Up for Sale

step 3 put your bicycle up for sale - how do i sell my bicycle

You can contact several websites that can assist you to evaluate and sell your bicycle. Sites such as eBayBicycleBlueBook, and many other online bike stores can assist you in evaluating the bicycle and making a quick sale.

You can design small ads for the local dailies or community magazines to scout for a buyer. The power of social media networks will also bring you closer to a potential customer due to a large number of followers on the website.

When you are approached by a serious buyer, you can set up a meeting to discuss the sale’s details, including the inspection date.

Step 4. Finalize the Bicycle Bill Of Sale

step 4 finalize the bicycle bill of sale - how do i sell my bicycle

Once you agree with the buyer on the final price, it is now time to fill in the bicycle bill of sale form. It is simple and may take just a few minutes with the customer. Here are the details that can typically be found in a bicycle bill of sale:

  • The date of the deal
  • The particulars of both parties (buyer and seller) – Name and physical address
  • Bicycle information: make, model, serial number, year of manufacture, etc.
  • Cost of the bicycle
  • Buyer’s signature and date
  • Seller’s signature and date
  • Date and signature of the witnesses
  • Public notary acknowledgment (optional)

After finalizing the deal, both parties receive copies (each signed by hand) of the bill of sale form upon the completion of payment as per the agreement by the buyer.

Published: Sep 15, 2020