Free Furniture Bill of Sale Form

A furniture bill of sale is a valid document that shows the transfer of ownership and details of a furniture sale. It is a legal paper that also acts as a receipt and is finalized when both parties agree on the date of sale, cost, and mode of payment. A bill of sale seals the deal, shows evidence of sale, and indicates the particulars of the new owner.

Why Use a Furniture Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale is beneficial since it provides insurance and prevents fraudulent transactions between both parties. The form protects the interests of either party since it is a binding contract under the law.

Can I Create Furniture Bill of Sale Online?

Composing a bill of sale for furniture on your own can be difficult. With all the legal documentation and terminologies, you may find yourself stuck on what to write. That is why we have a customized bill of sale example free of charge, ready for you to download and print. It is much easier since your only job will be to fill your details in the furniture bill of sale. If you are first-timer, get a bill of sale how-to guide and follow the steps of filling out the forms.

You can also opt to seek professional services from a lawyer since they usually draft bills of sale for different clients. Although it is costly, you will get a high-quality contract form. We are here to save you time and money that you will spend looking for a law firm, meetings, and disclosing your private details. Get tailored documents that will help you in selling your furniture quickly.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Furniture Bill of Sale template in PDF, .doc, or .odt formats

How Do I Sell Furniture?

It can be quite challenging to sell used furniture. If you are not aware of the procedure for a quick sale, follow the steps below and you will have buyers streaming in to make a purchase:

Step 1. Clean and Refurbish the Furniture

Give your piece of furniture a new sparkle by cleaning and renovating it thoroughly. Whether its paintwork or varnish, make sure it is eye-catching to prospective buyers

Step 2. Take Photographs

Invest in taking high-quality photographs from various angles. It will attract purchasers since the photos will reveal the product as it is.

Step 3. Advertise Your Sale

It is essential to know how and where you will sell your furniture. You can put up online advertisements on social media networks or inform your friends and family to assist in marketing your furniture. Whatever means you use, it will bring you closer to a prospective buyer.

Step 4. Meet With Potential Buyers

You can allow buyers to view the furniture at an agreed central place before they make a final decision to purchase. Proceed to discuss the cost and agree on the final price.

Step 5. Complete a Furniture Bill Of Sale

Download the bill of sale template, print it, and proceed to fill the details below.

  • The date of the deal
  • The name and physical address of the buyer
  • The name and physical address of the seller
  • Furniture description
  • Wood type
  • Color
  • Condition
  • Cost of the furniture
  • Name, date, and signature of the buyer, purchaser, and the witnesses, if any

After filling out the form, the purchaser will then transfer payment to the seller and the deal will be finalized. If you are the seller, ensure that the purchaser also has a copy of the document.

Published: Sep 15, 2020