Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form

The motorcycle bill of sale represents a contract for the sale of a motorcycle between a buyer and seller. Such a legal document works as the receipt that allows the purchaser to acquire a bike and confirm the complete transaction. It is one of the juridical documents that a new holder of a motorcycle should have on them for carrying out the transfer of ownership rights and registration of a vehicle in their name. In case the buyer pays for the motorbike in cash, a motorcycle bill of sale serves as the official proof that a legitimate sale and acquisition has occurred and that the title to the vehicle has been passed to another person. This legal paper typically also proves that the motorbike was sold in the “as-is” state. If the vehicle requires any inspection, it should be conducted before the completion of the sale.

This type of document secures both the buyer and seller. A bill of sale for a motorcycle must be signed by the witness and acknowledged by a notary public.


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Why Use a Motorcycle Bill of Sale?

This document constitutes an official record of the sale or dealing of a bike. Besides that, it often features essential information on the detailed history of this means of transport, which will be useful to future purchasers. Certain states can require a certified bill of sale for a motorcycle before they even start to prepare documents for the handover of the proprietary right (which will also come in handy for you to become the official owner of the motorbike). In essence, both the buyer and seller are protected by this legal instrument.

Can I Create a Motorcycle Bill of Sale Online?

Like any other legal paperwork, a motorcycle bill of sale form may turn out to be somewhat intricate and challenging to create by yourself. Considering this fact, we offer everyone looking for high-quality bill of sale templates, which you can freely and quickly download at our site, to complete your bike bill of sale. All downloads of our templates are free of charge and all of our sales agreement forms are of excellent quality. By resorting to our templates of a motorcycle bill of sale, you endow yourself with an excellent opportunity to add your own specific rules and conditions and avoid the necessity of understanding legal terminology. The free bill of sale form for selling or buying a motorbike is presented in the form of electronic documents in accessible formats such as .docx (Microsoft Word), .odt (OpenOffice), and .pdf (any PDF reader). Thus, you may effortlessly include any related details you want, fill all required spaces, and then print this bill of sale template out.

Besides that, you can create exceptionally customized templates of the motorbike sales contract with the help of our step-by-step builder in minutes.

It is also possible to contact a jurist specializing in the composition of the motorcycle bill of sale for a detailed consultation on the relevant topic. Still, it would cost you a hefty amount of money. Licensed lawyers possess enough knowledge and experience to make a high-end copy of such a sales agreement for a certain fee, and it is not the most advantageous way to sell your bike. However, if you are determined to address a law firm for guidance in this matter, take into account that you will have to disclose your private information (including even your zip code) as well as all crucial details of your transportation means such as its make, model, odometer reading, and purchase price. Also, keep in mind that if you are planning to sell not one but several motorcycles, you will have to describe the state of each of the vehicles down to the smallest detail.

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How Do I Sell a Motorcycle?

When you have decided to sell your vehicle and you don’t know where to start or what websites to use for its advertisement, use our comprehensive guide below.

Step 1. Prepare Your Bike for Sale

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 1

Before gaining all of the required paperwork besides the motorcycle bill of sale, remember that it is preferable to sell a clean and properly working motorbike. Hence, it’s a good idea to have a licensed mechanic inspect it meticulously. Also, sand or paint over any visible rust. After you wash your means of transport, it is advised to apply a finish with traditional wax.

Step 2. Come Up With a Price

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 2

To determine an approximate retail price of your vehicle, you may address the specific evaluation websites, such as:


You may also study the average selling price of the same or similar used motorcycles within your geographical area using online or printed advertising resources. It will give you a better idea of what the potential buyer is willing to pay depending on your location and season you choose to sell your means of transport. After you have come up with the estimated value of your motorbike, ponder on what you are willing to charge for it and determine your prepared fixed price.

When placing an ad, you can also add several hundred more dollars to the cost since most purchasers are searching for a bargain when buying a motor vehicle in used condition. If your motorbike was equipped with secondary-market parts, you might want to sell them individually. Such accessories usually do not add much value to the transportation means, but they can get fetch some extra money if sold separately. However, in this situation, you may need several templates of a sales contracts to transfer the ownership of the individual parts of your motorbike to another person.

Step 3. Put Ads Everywhere You Can

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 3

When planning to offer your means of transport for sale, you should advertise it in all online and offline resources you can find. Do not forget to take photos of your motorbike and provide detailed vehicle information.

Online options:


Offline variants:

  • Newspapers
  • Classified magazines
  • Message boards
  • Relatives or friends

Step 4. Meet with Potential Customers

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 4

In most cases, the buyer will speak in advance about their interest in your motorbike. If they are determined to acquire it, the trade will usually occur on the spot and the purchase price can be discussed. If an oral agreement is concluded, the terms of the transaction and passing on the ownership rights can be completed through the motorcycle bill of sale form.

Step 5. Finalize the Transaction

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 5

At the time of the deal, the purchaser will need to have a proper amount of money on them in the form of money remittance or a certified check – that is, if the parties haven’t decided to use bank transfer. As for the seller, he or she will be required to possess the motorbike’s title and registration. Both parties will also need to have templates of such a bill of sale to insert their personal details into them.

It is equally vital for both sides of the deal to take their government ID cards with them to make copies of each document. After that, the motorbike’s purchaser can officiate the registration process in their state.

Step 6. Complete the Motorcycle Bill of Sale

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 6

Once again, both parties of the deal should have templates of a bill of sale including:

  • The negotiated final cost
  • The printed name, postal address, and signature of the seller
  • The printed name, postal address, and signature of the buyer
  • The printed name and signature(s) of the witness(es)
  • The date of signatures
  • Motorcycle details
  • Year of manufacture
  • VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Color
  • Make
  • Model
  • Odometer reading
  • The date of the sales agreement

Step 7. Obtain Notary Public Acknowledgement

How Do I Sell a Motorcycle Step 7

As soon as all vital information is included in each copy of such a bill of sale, the state notary will ask everyone involved in the deal to present their ID cards. Then, the notary public will certify all signatures, add some related information to the remaining part of the vehicle sales contract, and affix their notarial seal. After that, the new holder of the motorbike is considered to have full ownership of this transportation means.

Published: Sep 15, 2020