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A bank third party authorization form is important for both the company and the employee. The company needs to know that it has authorized an individual's access to sensitive information, while the employee needs to know that they are allowed to have this access. A bank third party authorization form will detail what information can be accessed by employees of a specific business or organization. This includes things like personal data, confidential financial records, customer databases, and more. It also says how long someone is able to have this access before having their credentials revoked. Some people may need regular updates due to job functions requiring frequent contact with customers or clients in order to do their jobs well (i.e., sales representatives).

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Form NameBank Third Party Authorization Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields31
Avg. time to fill out6 min 31 sec
Other namesflagstar com authorization, third party certification made in usa, bank third party authorization form, flagstar bank myloans third party authorization

Form Preview Example

» THIRD - PART Y AUTHORIZATION FORM Loan Number: **********

Complete and sign this Third Party Authorization form to authorize someone other than yourself to access your Flagstar Bank Mortgage Loan Account information. IMPORTANT: Once completed and signed , please mail or fax to:

Mail: Flagstar Bank | Third Party Authorization | E-115-3 | 5151 Corporate Drive | Troy, MI 48098

Fax: (888) 848-1071

Please PRINT






Section 1- Your Contact and Mortgage Loan Account Information














First Name

Middle Name



Last Name







Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number





Best Phone Number

Section 2- Authorized Third Party












Expiration date for authorization:

* Loan maturity


* Input date:







(Note: If no date is selected, the authorization will be valid for two years from the date signed below)

Type of Authorization:

* Individual

* Company

Authorization Description:

* Realtor

* Attorney


* Appraiser

* Other:




Name (Please note: It is not necessary to list individual names for a company authorization)









Best Phone Number




Section 3- Your Authorization

The authorized third party can:

Obtain loan details information by telephone

Discuss payment arrangements with the Collections Department

Discuss the Loss Mitigation application process

Submit request to send documents that do not require a fee, such as a Transaction History Ledger, or an Original Appraisal. (can only be mailed to address of record)

Submit request to re-send letter/package/document, such as a Monthly Statement, 1098, Escrow Analysis Disclosure, Rate/Payment, Change Notice, Loan Sale Transfer Notice, etc. (can only be mailed to address of record.)

Request research to resolve matters

By signing this form, I authorize Flagstar Bank to provide loan information regarding the Mortgage Loan Account referenced above

to the Authorized Party or to someone claiming to be the Authorized Party. I understand that this Third Party Authorization allows only for information to be provided by telephone and the actions described above. Flagstar may reject this or any other Third Party Authorization or refuse to recognize any request for information from the Authorized Party. This Third Party Authorization shall remain in effect until I revoke this authorization. I or any other borrower on this loan may revoke this Third Party Authorization at any time in writing via fax or mail.

In the event your loan is transferred to a new servicer, the authorization established by this form will no longer be effective. Our liability/obligations remain to the customer and the presence of a representative should not create additional direct or derivative liability for the Bank.

Borrower Signature:











Co-borrower Signature:








Rev. 0417

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This PDF editor enables you to complete forms. You won't need to undertake much to manage third party certification made in usa forms. Basically follow the following actions.

Step 1: Select the "Get Form Now" button to begin.

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Provide the requested details in every area to prepare the PDF third party trade agreement illinois

part 1 to writing third authorization

Note the details in Section 2- Authorized Third Party, Expiration date for authorization:, or * Input date:, (Note: If no date is selected, Type of Authorization:, * Individual, Authorization Description: *, * Company * Attorney * Other:, Name (Please note: It is not, Address, Best Phone Number, Section 3- Your Authorization, The authorized third party can:, City, Fax, State, Email, and Zip.

stage 2 to finishing third authorization

Write down the main information in Borrower Signature:, Co-borrower Signature:, Date:, Date:, Member FDIC, flagstar, and Rev part.

Filling in third authorization stage 3

Step 3: Choose the Done button to save the file. Then it is at your disposal for transfer to your gadget.

Step 4: Have a duplicate of every file. It can save you time and make it easier to stay clear of misunderstandings later on. Also, your data isn't going to be used or checked by us.

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