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When confronting financial challenges, understanding available resources and tools is crucial for individuals navigating through tough times. Among these, the Insolvency IRS Form emerges as a significant document designed to aid individuals in accurately reporting their financial state in the event of debt cancellation. This form comprises three distinct parts: an in-depth listing of total liabilities immediately before the cancellation, a comprehensive inventory of assets, and an insolvency calculation to determine the extent of insolvency immediately before the debt was forgiven. Participants are guided to list various types of liabilities and assets—from credit card debt, mortgages, and medical bills, to the fair market value of residences, vehicles, and investments. The difference between the total liabilities and the fair market value of assets will help in determining whether an individual was insolvent before their debt was cancelled, affecting the tax implications of their forgiven debt. This worksheet keeps records structured and presents an organized approach for consumers facing the complex repercussions of debt cancellation, enhancing their understanding of the financial thresholds that govern the implications of insolvency.

Form NameFillable Insolvency Irs
Form Length1 pages
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Other namesinsolvency worksheet cancellation of debt, cancellation of debt 1040 form insolvency, insolvency worksheet fill, insolvency worksheet excel

Form Preview Example

Insolvency Worksheet

Keep for Your Records

Date debt was canceled (mm/dd/yy)

Part I. Total liabilities immediately before the cancellation (do not include the same liability in more than one category)


Amount Owed

Liabilities (debts)

Immediately Before the





1. Credit card debt


2.Mortgage(s) on real property (including first and second mortgages and home equity loans) (mortgage(s) can be on personal


residence, any additional residence, or property held for investment or used in a trade or business)






Car and other vehicle loans






Medical bills






Student loans






Accrued or past-due mortgage interest






Accrued or past-due real estate taxes






Accrued or past-due utilities (water, gas, electric)






Accrued or past-due child care costs






Federal or state income taxes remaining due (for prior tax years)






Loans from 401(k) accounts and other retirement plans






Loans against life insurance policies












Business debts (including those owed as a sole proprietor or partner)






Margin debt on stocks and other debt to purchase or secured by investment assets other than real property






Other liabilities (debts) not included above






Total liabilities immediately before the cancellation. Add lines 1 through 16.


Part II. Fair market value (FMV) of assets owned immediately before the cancellation (do not include the FMV of the same asset in more than one category)



FMV Immediately Before



the Cancellation





Cash and bank account balances


19.Residences (including the value of land) (can be personal residence, any additional residence, or property held for


investment or used in a trade or business)






Cars and other vehicles












Household goods and furnishings (for example, appliances, electronics, furniture, etc.)






























Stocks and bonds






Investments in coins, stamps, paintings, or other collectibles






Firearms, sports, photographic, and other hobby equipment






Interest in retirement accounts (IRA accounts, 401(k) accounts, and other retirement accounts)






Interest in a pension plan






Interest in education accounts






Cash value of life insurance






Security deposits with landlords, utilities, and others






Interests in partnerships






Value of investment in a business


37.Other investments (for example, annuity contracts, guaranteed investment contracts, mutual funds, commodity accounts,


interest in hedge funds, and options)






Other assets not included above






FMV of total assets immediately before the cancellation. Add lines 18 through 38.


Part III. Insolvency

40.Amount of Insolvency. Subtract line 39 from line 17. If zero or less, you are not insolvent.


Page 6

Chapter 1 Canceled Debts

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