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The IRS 990 N form is an important document for nonprofit organizations. It provides information about the organization's finances and operations. The form must be filed every year, and it can be a helpful tool for donors and other interested parties. The IRS recently made changes to the form, so it's important to understand what these changes mean for your organization. This article will provide an overview of the new 990 N form and explain how to file it.

In the list, there is some information about the irs 990 n. It's going to present you with the rough time you will need to prepare the form plus some other details.

Form NameIrs 990 N
Form Length19 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out4 min 45 sec
Other namesirs 990 n, epostcard irs form 990 n, form 990 n e postcard, irs n 990

Form Preview Example

IRS Form 990-N e-Postcard Quick Start

Chapter 1: Steps for filing an e-Postcard

To file an e-Postcard you must perform the following step:

1.Register with the website as either an Exempt Organization or Preparer.

-Register as an exempt organization if you will only be completing the 990-N for your organization.

-Register as a preparer if you expect to help multiple organizations. For example, a preparer can be a paid preparer, such as a CPA, or a volunteer aiding exempt organizations at a local library. By registering as a Preparer, you can use your login to register as many organizations as you wish.

2.Respond to the activation email sent during the registration process.

3.Complete and submit the e-Postcard for an exempt organization.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Chapter 2: Getting Started

The e-Postcard website is designed to display in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, Version 5.5 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Important! You will be required to enter an email address during the registration process. You must make sure that your email filters will allow email from to be received.

Registration information needed

To register with the website you will need the following information:

1.Are you registering as an Exempt Organization or are you registering as a Preparer.

2.If registering as an exempt organization, you will need the Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the exempt organization.

Important! The exempt organization submitting an e-Postcard filing must be registered with the IRS. See the Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations — e-Postcard (Form 990-

N)website for further information on qualifying as an organization that can submit an e-Postcard filing. You need the EIN used when registering the organization with the IRS.

3. Preparers need to provide a Login ID.

Note: Login IDs are automatically generated for exempt organizations.

4. Preparers need to provide a business name.

Note: The organization name is used for an exempt organization. It is the name for the EIN as registered with the IRS.


6.Your first and last name

7.Your email address

Note: The email address is used to activate the registration and to communicate status information about filings. It is not transmitted to the IRS.

8. Daytime telephone

e-Postcard information needed

Important! The exempt organization’s fiscal year for the year they are filing must be over before filing an e-Postcard. The IRS determines the filing year using the beginning date of the fiscal period. If your fiscal period begins February 1, 2007, you will not be able to file for the 2007 filing year until February 1, 2008.

1. Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the exempt organization filing the e-Postcard.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Note: The EIN is automatically determined for an exempt organization registration. A preparer must provide an EIN for the e-Postcard they are filing.

2.Is the exempt organization terminated or going out of business (Yes or No)?

3.Are the exempt organization’s gross receipts normally $25,000 or less (Yes or No)?

Important! If the exempt organization is a supporting organization, the limit is $5,000 or less.

4.Supporting organizations must also answer the following question. Do you support only religious organizations (Yes or No)?

Important! The exempt organization must answer Yes to 3 and 4 (4 for supporting organizations only) to file an e-Postcard.

5.One or more other (DBA – doing business as) names used by the organization.

6.Organization’s mailing address

7.Organization’s website address (if the organization has a website)

8.Principal Officer’s name and address.

Note: For certain exempt organizations, this name may be a business name.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Chapter 3: Accessing the website

The e-Postcard Front-End application is accessed at the URL. Upon accessing the URL, the Home web page is displayed. Figure 1 shows the web page.

Figure 1. Home web page

The normal steps in submitting an e-Postcard filing to the IRS are:

1.To register as a new user.

2.Create a new e-Postcard filing and

3.Submit the filing.

The following chapters explain these steps.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Chapter 4: Registering with the website

Click Step 1: Register as a New User

Figure 2 shows the Request Login ID (page 1) web page.

Figure 2. Request Login ID (page 1) web page

Click the Next>> button.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Figure 3 shows the Request Login ID (page 2) web page.

Figure 3. Request Login ID (page2) web page

Select if you are registering as an Exempt Organization or as a Preparer.

If you are registering as an Exempt Organization, enter your EIN.

Click the Next>> button.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Figure 4 shows the Request Login ID (page 3) web page for an Exempt Organization.

Figure 4. Request Login ID web page for an Exempt Organization

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Figure 5 shows the web page for a Preparer.

Figure 5. Request Login ID (page 3) web page for a Preparer

Enter the requested information and click the Next>> button.

The information you enter is validated. Any errors are reported and you need to fix them. When all data is valid, an activation email is sent to the email address you provided.

Important! You must make sure that your email filters will allow email from to be received.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Figure 6 shows the Request Login ID – Success web page.

Figure 6. Request Login ID (page 4) web page

Close your web browser and wait for the activation email to arrive.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

Figure 7 shows a sample of the Activation Email.

Figure 7. e-Postcard Login ID Activation Notice

Click the link in the email to return to and activate your Login ID.

Important! Some email user interfaces can be configured to turn off links in the email. You should have links enabled to easily return to the website to activate your Login ID. Alternatively, you may cut and paste the link into your web browser. The link must be sent exactly as provided.

e-Postcard Quick Start Guide

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