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Recently, a new document form has been making the rounds on the internet. The U 26 3 form is a response to the increasing number of people refusing to sign documents they do not agree with or understand. This form allows you to both voice your concerns and retain your signature on the document. The U 26 3 form can be used in a variety of different situations, including but not limited to: contracts, waivers, and releases. It is important to know that this form should not be used as a replacement for legal advice; rather, it should be used as a tool to help you protect your rights. If you have any questions about using the U 26 3 form, please contact an attorney.

Here is the information in regards to the form you were looking for to complete. It will show you the time you'll need to finish u 26 3 form, exactly what fields you will have to fill in and several other specific details.

Form NameU 26 3 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesu26 3, fillable u26 insurance form, what is a u 26 3, what is a u26 3 form

Form Preview Example

U-26.3 – New York State Insurance Fund Certificate of Workers’ Compensation



Acceptable proof that the business has

What is the U-26.3 form?

workers’ compensation coverage through


the New York State Insurance Fund.

Who provides the U-26.3 form?

The U-26.3 is only available through from

the New York State Insurance Fund.*



To establish proof that a business has

Why it is needed?

secured workers’ compensation insurance


coverage for all its employees.


Prior to any permit being issued or any

When is it needed?

contract, including purchase orders, being


entered into for work

Who is the certificate holder?

The Research Foundation for The State

University of New York


Who are the additional insureds?


*The U-26.3 can be obtained from any Business Office of the New York State Insurance Fund.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required for a business in which employees are engaged in hazardous employment as defined under article 1, section 3 of the New York State Workers’ Compensation law.

The Workers' Compensation Law requires employers to post Form C-105, Notice of Compliance – Workers’ Compensation Law, in all business locations. Employers involved in moving household goods or furniture and/or employers who have no established business locations for employees are required to post a Notice of Compliance, C-105.1, in vehicles they own or operate. The C-105 and the C-105.1 can be obtained from the State Insurance Fund and was also provided in the renewal information package that employers receive.

All NYS licensed workers’ compensation carriers issue the C-105.2, Certificate of NYS Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage, which is equivalent to the U-26.3 New York State Insurance Fund Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

The next page provides a sample of a U-26.3 – New York State Insurance Fund Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

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