Missouri Small Estate Affidavit Form

A Missouri small estate affidavit form allows the heirs of a deceased person to claim their assets. This applies to cases when the deceased person dies “intestate,” meaning they do not have an effective will. The estate of the deceased should be “small” under the state’s laws.

The spouse of the deceased and their immediate heirs are the ones who usually create and sign affidavit forms. In addition to the heirs’ information, such documents include a confirmation of the death and a list of the subject properties.

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A small estate affidavit is an efficient and straightforward way of resolving a transfer of a family member’s assets after their death. Note that the use of small estate affidavit forms and the content requirements differ from state to state. Keep reading to learn more about the specific requirements in the state of Missouri.

Missouri Laws and Requirements

First of all, when somebody decides to use a small estate affidavit form in the United States, they need to make sure that the estate of the deceased individual counts as a “small estate” according to the law of the state where they lived and died.

Missouri has a strict limit on how much the deceased person could have in assets at the time of death. The assets should be worth less than $40,000 for them to be considered a small estate in Missouri. This applies to both the assets and values of their property.

Remember that you cannot file the Missouri small estate affidavit form until 30 days after the deceased person’s death.

Check that your case meets the requirements for a small estate affidavit:

  • The deceased did not have an effective will.
  • Their estate’s value is less than $40,000.
  • It has been 30 days since they passed away.

If all the above apply, use our form building software to create a Missouri small estate affidavit form.

Missouri Small Estate Affidavit Laws Details

Max. Estate $40,000
Min. Time to Wait After Death 30 days
Filing Fee $70.50
State Laws Missouri Revised Statutes, Sections 473.090 to 493.107
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Create a free high quality Missouri Small Estate Affidavit online now!

Filling Out the Missouri Small Affidavit Form

1. Identify the Deceased

Include the name of the deceased at the beginning of the form. Then repeat their name and add their address (at the time of death).
Deceased identification section of Missouri small estate affidavit form

2. Specify the Date of Death

When providing the details of the deceased, write down the date of their death.
Death date specification part of a Missouri sea template

3. Read the Information About Attachments

Keep in mind that you need to submit specific appendices together with the form. Check carefully that your appendices meet the requirements.
Part for information about attachments of a small estate affidavit template for Missouri

4. Confirm that there is no Will

Confirm that the deceased has not left a will.
Part for confirmation of info about will of a small estate affidavit document for Missouri

5. Provide your Details and Sign the Form

Any legal form should always be signed. The heirs must sign the form.
Section for details and signature of a Missouri form of a small estate affidavit

6. Complete the Appendices

Make sure that you include all the known assets.
Appendices completion part of a Missouri sea document

7. Let a Notary Public Acknowledge the Form

Complete the creation of the form with the process of notarization.
Notary acknowledgement section of a Missouri document of small estate affidavit

8. Submit the Form to the Court

Sometimes, the court may ask you to append additional documents to the form (such as the certificate of death, for example).

Published: Aug 6, 2022