Missouri Eviction Notice Forms

When a conflict between a tenant and an owner arises, an eviction notice template may come in handy. In the US, notifying a renter with this document before evicting is a must. Normally, an owner has a legal right to ask a tenant to leave the premises for the following most common reasons:

  • A tenant has delayed paying for rent. In Missouri, there is no lease grace period. That’s why a landlord can create the paper and hand it over to a tenant if payment is only one day late.
  • A tenant has done any damage to the property that is either beyond repair or recoverable.
  • A renter has failed to meet the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the lease contract.
  • A tenant participates in gambling activity on the property.
  • An owner or another tenant falls victim to the tenant’s attack or physical abuse, or a landlord has a reasonable apprehension of sexual assault or domestic violence.
  • A landlord or neighborhood community has noticed that a tenant takes drugs on the premises of a rental unit.
  • After the rental period finishes, a tenant refuses to leave the house (room, apartment, and so on).
Missouri Eviction Notice Form

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The requirements for the information that is to be included in the form vary from state to state, county to county. However, all states demand that the issuing party provide their personal details and details of the tenant (tenants) as well, the complete address at which the property is located, the reason the landlord creates the notice (some of them are mentioned above), the amount of time the renter has to deal with the issue, the date that the owner filled out the form and signed it, the notice that gives information about the tenant’s duty to comply with the lease rules and terms, and a Service Certificate.

Missouri Eviction Laws

If a landlord decides to ask a tenant to move out, they must take into account and act in accordance with the state laws. In the state of Missouri, the majority of laws regarding eviction are stated in Chapter 535 and Chapter 441 of the state law.

According to Section 535.010, there is no maximum period of rent payment delay in Missouri specified in the state Statutes. A renter and an owner agree to set a date the tenant pays for rent. If the tenant fails to provide payment due time, the owner can notify them with the document.

Apart from delaying the rent, a tenant can be asked to quit or start acting in accordance with the terms for other reasons. In this case, a 10-day notice of compliance is delivered to the renter. Following Section 441.040 and 441.020, after receiving the notice, the tenant has only ten days to comply with the landlord’s request.

If an owner makes a decision to terminate the lease with the help of the eviction notice in Missouri, they must allow the lessee to leave the premises and find a new rental unit within a 30-day period. Other details regarding the termination of the lease are provided in Section 441.060.

Missouri Eviction Notice Laws Details

Rent Grace Period None
Notice of Non-Payment Immediate
Notice of Non-Compliance 10 days
State Laws Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 441

Eviction Notice Types Used in Missouri

It depends on the reason for asking to vacate the residence which type of form a landlord should fill out. In Missouri, there are three common types of the eviction notice. The list includes the following documents.

30-Day Notice to Quit

This eviction notice sets up a 30-day deadline to empty the premises. This form should be sent to a lessee after the period a month-to-month agreement ends or to an owner if the renter has decided to end a tenancy.  The tenant is granted 30 days to gather the necessary documentation and find a new rental unit or another place to move out to successfully.

10-Day Notice to Quit

If a tenant violates any other term of a lease agreement apart from delaying payment for rent and can’t make amends to the landlord for damage or inappropriate behavior within a period of ten days, the owner can send this notice ten days before the eviction day. The tenant is provided two choices: either to leave the premises or to abide by the obligations.

Notice to Quit For Not Paying the Rent

If a tenant fails to provide rent payment, a landlord is allowed to create a document that is also known as the Demand for Rent in Missouri. Although in the given state, there is no specific period within which the tenant is required to deliver payment, it is recommended to give three to five days to do it.

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Create a free high-quality Missouri Eviction Notice online now!

Eviction Process in Missouri

In the United States, the eviction process does not go without submitting specific documentation. Read the following guideline to do the act of eviction legal and to avoid any confusing situations.

  • Notify a Renter with the Paper

If a tenant does not provide payment on the day the landlord requests or breaks any rule regulating the rental agreement, the lessor can proceed to the completion of an eviction notice and delivering the document to a tenant. To create and complete the form, you can make use of our form-building software.

  • Prepare Documentation for Court

If you (as a landlord) do not receive any reaction or answer from a renter after the notice is delivered, you may apply to court. The required forms are listed below.

  • Wait for the Court’s Decision

Further, if the court finds your requests reasonable, the tenant will have to move out immediately after the judgment has been delivered in favor of the owner. The tenant has a legal right to appeal within ten days after the court proceeding. If the appeal procedure takes place, the owner must provide the Writ of Possession.

Missouri Eviction Court Forms

In Missouri, the eviction process when the local court is involved is accompanied by the following forms:

  • Petition for Rent and Possession. This letter is completed by the property owner to file a complaint. In the document, the landlord must indicate how much money should be paid for one-month rent and how much money the tenant already owes to the landlord.
  • This form is used by the plaintiff to notify the tenant of the beginning of the court procedures.

Writ of Possession Form. This legal form states the judgment and informs the tenant that they must move out within a period of 10 to 15 days (it depends on the reason for the issue).

Published: Jun 21, 2022
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