Missouri Non-compete Agreement Template

Plenty of companies in the United States, including Missouri, work with confidential data. To protect information regarding business operations, clients, software, documents, and even other employees, the employer may require their employees to sign certain legal forms, like the Missouri Non-Compete Agreement, also known as the Missouri NCA Form.

Nowadays, privacy and data protection are considered crucial in business and personal life. We may accidentally share secret information about our job and private life when talking to people surrounding us, including family members, colleagues, and sometimes even random people. To avoid data leaks, the Missouri companies oblige their employees to keep a secret by signing a non-compete contract form.

Missouri Non-Compete Agreement Form

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Signing a non-compete agreement might provide the issuing company with an additional protection layer. If the worker violates the agreement conditions, the business entity may punish them. The type of punishment is usually included in the agreement and can be in the form of immediate contract termination, penalties, or other restrictions.

Some non-compete agreements are effective until the worker leaves the company, while others stay valid for a certain period after the worker quits. The main reason for creating these agreements is to avoid unfair competition cases, meaning that the competitors shall not get access to crucial business details and gain leverage from them.

When it comes to state or governmental secrets, one may be accused of treason and go to jail for revealing them either willingly or by accident.

There are two parties to an NCA: an employee (a partner or a contractor), also referred to as the “Recipient,” and a hiring company (also referred to as “Company”).

Every non-compete agreement should incorporate specific data, including parties’ names and signatures, cooperation conditions, the agreement’s beginning, and termination date, the company’s confidential information peculiarities, and other relevant info.

If you are the employer willing to sign a non-compete agreement with a worker, check out our brief guide with step-by-step recommendations on doing so:

Define Your Company’s Confidential Information for your company

You need to set out a clear definition of confidential information. It may comprise your archives, clientele records, business processes, software, other employees’ personal data, and so on. Extract the main points and include them in the agreements your workers will sign.

Think Through the Requirements Your Workers Should Obey

Prepare a list of binding conditions so that you and your workers are on the same page. Describe the consequences of breaching the agreement.

Popular Local NCA Forms

Lots of businesses often choose to prevent their employees from turning into the company’s competitors once their relationship concludes. Different states have different rules and policies regarding non-compete agreements. Here are some of the most requested local NCAs searched by our visitors.

Set the Duration for the Non-Compete Agreement

The document should have effective dates; choose whether it will stay valid after employees leave the company.

Ask the Employees to Sign the Agreement

Finally, the agreements are not valid without the employees’ signatures. Deliver the agreement forms to the workers to sign them. Then, return the signed copies and keep them in your company’s archives.

There is no unified law regulating non-compete agreements in the United States. Many states propose their unique regulations, while some US states have no statutes regarding this legal form. Some states have lists of specialists who cannot sign a non-compete agreement.

To learn about the Missouri Non-Compete Agreement rules, proceed to the following part.

Missouri NCA Laws and Restrictions

You may find the laws related to non-compete agreements and their creation in Missouri in Sections 431.202 and 416.031 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. In general, such agreements are considered poor practice by many state residents.

However, some features can help to make NCA enforceable in Missouri, including:

  • Sensible agreement terms and geographic limitations
  • Proof of an NCA necessity solely for business interests’ protection

Section 431.202 of the Statutes reveals the cases where such agreements can be signed between:

  • An entity and another entity (or entities). It is possible to sign an NCAif the two parties want to protect confidential info they share in preserving their workforce stability.
  • An entity and an employee (or employees). It is also possible to sign an NCAif an entity tries to protect confidential info or data directly connected to its customers. Another case scenario is when the term of such an agreement does not exceed one year. The only employees that do not have to sign a one-year NCA are clerks and secretaries.
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Published: Jun 26, 2022
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