Nevada Non-compete Agreement Template

If you are an employer and want to protect your company’s data from leakage, you can use a non-compete agreement template (NCA sample).

In Nevada, this document may prohibit a company employee from disclosing trade secrets, such as secret formulas and processes, disseminating customer list data, and sharing any company classified information with anyone.

Also, the agreement may limit the former employee’s ability to compete with the employer by providing the same services or products in the market.

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Nevertheless, NCA in Nevada does not restrict a former employee’s right to provide services to a former client if the client voluntarily left and turned to the former employee on their own.

A non-compete agreement allows companies to be more confident in hiring employees and not to be afraid that the job seeker wants to obtain information for competitors and use it against the company. With this form, all secrets of the company are kept safe.

In the event of a breach of this agreement, the company may apply to a Nevada court to enforce the terms or seek legal punishment for the offender.

At the same time, the terms of the agreement must be reasonable and be adequately limited in volume, geography, and validity period.

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The Nevada non-compete agreement includes the following sections:


This part of the document sets out its purpose.

Non-Compete and Disclosure

Lists everything that will be limited with the entry into force of this agreement—business practices, client’s lists, general or specific competitor, and the ability to hire company employees. The agreement does not have to include all of these points. You can only agree on a part.

Time Period

The agreement is limited in time, and the duration of its validity must be agreed upon in advance.

Purchase Option

The employer may provide the employee with the option to buy out this agreement by paying a pre-agreed amount.

Conditions and Signatures

You need to carefully read all the points and enter your names and signatures.

Nevada NCA Laws and Restrictions

This document is governed by clause NRS 613.200 of Nevada State Law.

Clause 613.195 of Nevada State Law also clarifies some concepts.

Sub-clause 4 states that if an employee has been laid off, the NCA will only act as long as the employer pays the salary, compensation, or benefits. As soon as the employer stops doing so, the agreement becomes null and void.

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Published: May 3, 2022
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