Arizona Non-compete Agreement Template

The Arizona Non-Compete Agreement (NCA) form secures commercial organizations from data loss or interception of customers. It is signed by the employee along with an employment contract when the worker is hired.

Unlike in other states, the non-compete letter template in Arizona limits a person’s opportunities to conduct business with the previous workplace’s competitors. Sometimes, managers restrict the distribution of information about clients and the working process during the validity of employment contracts.

Arizona Non-Compete Agreement Form

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There are no laws protecting the interests of organizations in this matter, but there is an act regulating NCA in the broadcasting industry.

Despite this fact, it is an essential form for many industries in the US, and the courts can punish violators of the agreement. The form needs to meet several criteria to be protected by the court:

  • It must not violate the basic laws of the country. The agreement should not include requirements limiting a person’s rights to work or get basic
  • It secures the legal activity of the company.
  • It contains only appropriate restrictions and time limits. The organization should justify the volume of limitations to the court to be protected.
  • The geographical scope of the restrictions must be reasonable.

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Arizona NCA Laws and Restrictions

As we stated above, no law can be enforced to comply with the agreement for most industries. There are two exceptions to which the Arizona Non-Compete Agreement cannot be applied.

Media Industry

No broadcasting organization should limit its employees from being hired in a particular geographical area after the termination of the contract. This statement is followed by Section 23-494 of the Arizona Statute.

Doctors and Physicians

Another industry that may not be subject to the restrictions is the medical one. Doctors and physicians are exempted from the Arizona NCA in some specific situations determined by the court.

The explanation of this unique approach to doctors is in the importance of this occupation for society. The government claims that patients have a right to choose the attending physician based on their personal preferences. The choice should not be violated by the doctor’s workplace.

The court will consider all the medical centers individually and decide on the necessity of introducing a NCA. If the restrictions significantly affect the organization’s safety, do not restrain the doctors from working well, and do not damage society, the application of the NCA can be allowed in the company.

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Published: May 25, 2022
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