Tennessee Eviction Notice Forms

Normally, the landlord and lessee can come to an agreement on withdrawing their rental contract peacefully, though in some cases, it needs the legal process initiation.

The eviction notice template is used in a situation when the landlord and the resident cannot resolve a problem concerning late pay rent, any kind of non-compliance, or one of the parties’ wish to terminate the lease due to other reasons. Tennessee Eviction Notice templates may be found on any reliable source pages, and these papers include a detailed description of the real property and the reason for eviction in writing.

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Tennessee Eviction Laws

According to the TN Code §66-7-109 (a) (2018), the proprietor is supposed to notify the tenant about the contract withdrawal not later than 14 days before demanded vacation in the following situations:

  • The tenant fails to transmit rental payment on time due to his or her deliberate neglect or other reasons;
  • The tenant significantly damages the premises (the tenant may be given an opportunity to resolve if the harm is remediable and the noncompliance has not been repeated within six months, though);
  • The tenant commits a violent act that threatens the health or welfare of other occupants, the landlord, the landlord’s representatives, or other persons.

The TN Code §66-7-109 (d) states that the same period of time for moving out may be given in case the tenant commits a severe violent act or intentionally and sound of mind behaves in a manner that may lead to causing harm to other persons on the premises, notwithstanding the TN Code §66-7-109 (a).

If domestic abuse has been committed on the premises or towards the persons who occupy the place by the tenant, the landlord may enforce to leave only the individual who has willfully caused harm to the victims staying in the real property. The perpetrator shall remain liable for all the rental expenses under the terms and conditions of the lease he or she has agreed on, though.

The victim(s) of domestic abuse and all the other persons residing on the premises shall state in writing that they demand the abuser to stay away from the place and not return. Refusal to make such a declaration shall lead to the victim(s) and other tenants’ vacation of the premises.

If the tenant pretends disabled to keep the assistance of an animal to obtain an exception to the rental agreement, though he or she does not require one, this should be considered noncompliance.

Tennessee Eviction Notice Laws Details

Rent Grace Period 5 days
Notice of Non-Payment 14 days
Notice of Non-Compliance 30 days
State Laws Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 66-28-501 to 66-28-522

Eviction Notice Types Used in Tennessee

Immediate Notice to Quit

If the tenant organizes prostitution activities or keeps, manufactures, or deals with illegal substances in any other way on or around the premises, he or she is required to vacate immediately.

3-Day Notice to Quit

The landlord is supposed to deliver such notice in case the tenant has committed a violent act or has somehow created dangerous living conditions for other residents (for instance, unsanitary).

14-Day Notice to Quit

This paper is used if a tenant does not transmit monetary funds for rent, utilities, and other expenses provided in the contract. The tenant can remedy the rental payment within 14 days after receiving this notice.

30-Day Notice to Quit

The landlord will create and deliver such a document to the tenant for any kind of breach, not involving rental debts, serious violence, or illegal activities in the dwelling unit.

30-Day Notice to Quit (Month-to-Month Tenancy)

Either the landlord or the lessee may initiate contract withdrawal freely. In such a case, they will opt for completing such a notice, where it is important to state the date of the lease termination.

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Eviction Process in Tennessee

  • Deliver the Eviction Notice

Depending on the type of breach, the proprietor will need to provide the tenant with the written demand to quit the dwelling unit, indicating the reason for it. If the lessee does not cure the breach or fails to vacate the premises, a legal process shall be initiated.

  • Go to Court

File the Detainer Summons at the court in your county and wait for the hearing process.

  • Hire the Sheriff

In order to legally force the tenant to move out, the plaintiff will need to hire the law enforcement officer who will be responsible for the Detainer Warrant to be served.

  • Make the Tenant Quit

Once the court has made the final judgment for the landlord, he or she will be issued the Writ of Possession. If the tenant has not moved out from the residential premises until then, the sheriff will need to force the lessee to vacate the dwelling unit.

Tennessee Eviction Court Forms

  • Detainer Summons: the proprietor needs to fill it out in order to initiate a legal process against the tenant refusing to move out from the real property because of either nonpayment or noncompliance.
  • Writ of Possession: this document is issued by the court if the plaintiff wins the case and makes him or her reclaim the possession of the premises.

Published: Apr 14, 2022
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