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The living will form in Tennessee is called The Tennessee Advanced Take Care Plan. This document answers questions about your treatment in the event of an illness or accident, which takes away the ability to express your thoughts. With this document, you can plan possible treatment, refuse any type of treatment, appoint a trusted person to make decisions about your treatment, and resolve the issue of organ donation and prescribe posthumous orders.

Tennessee advance directive is one of the Tennessee Health Care Decisions, parts of which are individualized by citizens.

The directive is recommended for everyone who fears an accident, especially people with serious illnesses and older adults.

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Signing Requirements and Laws

The State of Tennessee changed the Living Will (also called Tennessee Advance Directive) system to Advance Care Plan in 2004. Both systems are similar, legally binding, and you can use either of them.

Referring to the law § 68-11–1803, any adult citizen or teenager, recognized by a court as legally capable without parental care, has the right to draw up a Tennessee advance directive, the composition of which relates to further medical support. The abovementioned citizens have the right to appoint a trusted person to resolve all medical issues.

The Tennessee advance directive must be certified in writing by a notary or signed in two witnesses’ presence. A witness may be a capable, competent adult who is not a relative of the applicant, an attending physician, and his colleagues, as well as a person who does not claim any type of property.

Tennessee advance directive takes effect at the time of the applicant’s incapacity and expires as soon as the applicant regains its decision-making ability. The attending physician has the right to establish these statuses of the applicant’s condition.

The Natural Death Act § 32–11 allows you to opt out of selective treatment or choose a natural death and arrange an organ donation plan without a guardian. Tracking the execution of your will be submitted by a lawyer.

The applicant has the right to revoke a completed declaration at any time, regardless of legal capacity, in the following ways:

  • In writing, signed, and dated.
  • Orally to the attending physician.

The design principle and requirements for signatures and declarants are similar to the Directive requirements of 2004 and described above.

Tennessee Living Will Form Details

Document Name Tennessee Living Will Form
State Form Name Tennessee Advance Directive for Health Care
Signing Requirements Two Witnesses
Validity Requirements Section 32-11-104(a)
Specific Powers Section 32-11-103(5)
Avg. Time to Fill Out 13 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 48
Available Formats Adobe PDF; Microsoft Word
State Laws: Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 32-11-101 to 32-11-113

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Tennessee Living Will online now!

Steps to Fill Out the Form

Next, we will consider the individual points of the declarations and the principles of filling out the Living Will form.

1. Download the form

As a convenient alternative, on our website, you can use our Online Forms Building Software to fill out the Living Will form.

2. Designate a proxy if needed

Your trusted person is an important and responsible person in the further decision-making of your health care. You need to think carefully about who to take on this role, discuss your decision with a potential candidate.
Proxy designation section of Tennessee living will

3. Accept quality of life

At this point, what state of life suits you for further existence. Some cases require treatment, which can lead to consequences that completely change the way of life, be it a disability or a state of incapacity. Carefully study the conditions of the section’s individual diseases, their consequences, and mark the points under which circumstances you preferred to be alive and in which you would prefer natural death.
Part for life quality infomation of a living will form for Tennessee

4. Choose methods of treatment

This section provides you with the treatments you may need during your treatment to save a life. You need to decide which ones you agree with and which ones you want to refuse.

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation — сan help start the heart, if it stops, and make the lungs work. It requires the use of electric shock, closed heart massage, and breathing assistance.
  • Life Support — artificial life support through additional devices. It includes the operation of a ventilator, intravenous drug administration, and other devices that support individual organs’ functioning.
  • Treatment of New Conditions — during treatment, additional manipulations may be required, blocking the formation of accompanying diagnoses, such as operations, blood transfusions, antibiotics, etc.
  • Tube feeding / IV fluids — applying additional help to maintain the body’s functioning by introducing nutrients through a tube directly into the stomach or intravenously.
    Treatment methods choosing section of a Tennessee living will document

5. Write down the instructions after treatment

In this section, you are asked to leave your wishes after your treatment is over. Burial instructions in case of death or further escort.

Also, you can choose an organ donation option. There are options to donate the whole body, individual organs or tissues, or refuse this opportunity.
Part for instrcutions after treatment of a Tennessee living will template

6. Sign the form

After filling out the form, it must be personally signed in accordance with the requirements prescribed by the law.
Signing part of form of living will for Tennessee

7. Distribute copies

According to the law, the Advanced Take Care Plan form must be made three copies and sent to:

  • The doctor who is in charge of your treatment.
  • A confidant who is inscribed on the form.
  • Keep the third for yourself and keep with essential papers.

It is important to note that filling out this form is a purely personal decision. No one has the right to require you to register an Advanced Take Care plan form.

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Published: Apr 26, 2022
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