Missouri Prenuptial Agreement Form

Nowadays, the signing of certain legal documents governing people’s matrimony is common in the United States, and Missouri is not an exception. The Missouri prenuptial agreement form is a popular example.

Regardless of the state, prenuptial agreements relate to partners’ ownership of properties and serve various purposes. With a free printable prenuptial agreement form, also referred to as a prenup, you can avoid a time-consuming procedure of splitting properties if your marriage comes to an end.

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Create a free high quality Missouri Prenuptial Agreement online now!

You can also define how to dispose of assets if you or your partner dies or becomes disabled due to severe illness or an accident. Finally, these agreements can regulate your daily income and expenses if you include related provisions in the document.

Among the matters people usually cover in such agreements, one may find:

  • Conditions of managing properties and liabilities. Whether assets and debts are mutual or private, an agreement can state all applicable requirements for managing them. It pertains to all types of properties or liabilities, from real estate selling or mortgage to purchasing smaller items, and so on.
  • Peculiarities of everyday life. Couples can govern their daily activities tied to purchasing, exchanging, selling, or transferring items or cash using the agreement. They can also add details about taxes and bank accounts.

While prenuptial agreements outline every detail about your finances and tangible items, they never regulate children’s support and parenting. If the marriage ends, these issues are decided in court.

There has been a recent trend towards the creation of prenups. Before the nineties, some states considered such agreements void. Now, these legal papers are an acceptable way of protecting your properties, especially if you are significantly wealthier than your partner or you both own multiple assets and have incurred numerous debts.

When partners finish working on the template, both of them have to sign the form. Although it is rare, some states require a notary public agent to verify the form to make it effective. Another option is to call a witness to sign the document. If signatories are willing to correct the document, they can sign additional papers that prove their wish and describe the corrections.

With our form-building software, you can generate the Missouri prenuptial agreement form effortlessly. After getting the file, the only thing you should do is define the conditions that suit you as a family.

Remember that you should create your agreement in conformity with state law. Proceed to the next part to get an overview of the Missouri state laws on the topic.

Missouri Prenup Laws and Requirements

Laws describing prenuptial agreements in Missouri are brief since the state has not approved the uniform act regulating such documents, commonly enforceable in many other American states. So, there are only a couple of provisions linked to prenups. Some norms are taken from court precedents.

Signing Requirements

Section 451.220 of the Missouri Revised Statutes makes it mandatory for future spouses to sign prenuptial agreements, notarize them, and ask at least one witness to append their signature.


A prenuptial agreement in Missouri is enforceable if:

  • Both partners were in good conscience when signing the contract.
  • None of them was forced to sign the document.
  • The agreement’s content is conscientious.
  • Partners have disclosed all their assets and debts fairly before signing the contract.

The agreement becomes valid once a couple officially gets married.

Court Refusal

You may face the court’s refusal to consider your contract if it contradicts the law in any way. Another reason to void the contract is its unconscionability.

What Prenups Can Cover

As we have stated before, your prenup may cover only the matters linked to your properties or liabilities. These matters include everything regarding:

  • Real estate
  • Common and separate debts
  • Joint and private assets
  • Revenues
  • Business ownership
  • Tax payments
  • Other issues that a couple considers important.

Bear in mind that no provision related to your children can be added to such an agreement.

Published: Apr 22, 2022