Business Bill of Sale Form

A business bill of sale is contractual documentation between a buyer and seller as proof of legal transaction for the sale of a business. It is a binding document that reveals the intricate details of the contract. For instance, the business name, date of the agreement and sale, names of the seller and buyer, terms and conditions of payment, and transfer of the business. The bill of sale form is a vital document that acts as insurance confirming the sale. It serves both the interests of the buyer and seller since it prevents any breach of contract.

If you are purchasing a business, ensure that you understand the contents of the business sale agreement. You can seek professional advice from experts like accountants or lawyers to help you know what the transaction entails to prevent you from getting a raw deal or in case of any malpractice. Read on to gain more information on why you need a bill of sale before buying any business.


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Why Use a Business Bill of Sale?

A business bill of sale is a critical document in the purchase or sale of a business. It is mandatory to establish the transfer of ownership from one party to the next. The state requires this essential document for legal reasons and also for tax purposes and revenue collection.

If a seller does not incorporate a business bill of sale, the transaction may be questionable and both parties may suffer legal consequences. It cushions the seller from scammers who may be transacting illegally and intending to defraud unsuspecting individuals. If a buyer purchases with cash, it may be challenging to track the money trail without a proper agreement. Thus, the bill of sale is crucial in providing proof of the purchase as well as the details of the payment and any pending amount.

The bill of sale form certifies the ownership and property transfer of the business plus all the assets associated with the company.

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How To Sell Your Business

When you want to sell your business, ensure that you involve experts who understand the process. It is quite challenging to carry the burden of the sale alone. Hence, consult a lawyer or a sales broker to handle the sale processes.

Below are steps to follow to ensure a successful sale:

Step 1. Assemble Your Business Documentation


The first step in the business of sale is to gather all of the documents relating to your business before you express interest in selling to the public. Every detail should be in place to avoid any doubt on the buyer’s side. Some of the documents include:

  • Business registration document;
  • Current tax compliance records dating four years back;
  • Business assets;
  • Pictures;
  • Human resources information, i.e., payroll, and employee details;
  • Finance records;
  • Insurance details;
  • Clients and supplier’s list of goods or services.

Ensure that you have all of the company records available to enable proposed buyers to ascertain the transparency of the business before any commitments.

Step 2. Draft a Business Bill of Sale


You can approach professionals to assist you in the drafting of the business bill of sale as well as the business purchase agreement. It is crucial to understand the difference between the bill of sale and purchase agreement.

While a business bill of sale executes the final transfer of ownership, a purchase agreement is a document that secures the sale and is used during negotiation stages.

Step 3. Filling Out the Business Bill of Sale Form


Finally, it is of paramount importance, either as a buyer or seller, to know the details in the Business Bill of Sale form.  The following are particulars in the form:

  • Date of sale;
  • Name of the buyer and physical address;
  • Name of the seller and physical address;
  • The business name including the state of incorporation, physical address, business assets, total number of shares, partners, and other crucial information;
  • Payment information (i.e., purchase price, mode of payment, and date of transfer);
  • Signatures of buyer and seller and the date of the agreement completion;
  • The names of the witnesses, the date, and signatures;
  • Acknowledgment Certificate from a notary public.

Step 4. Complete Business Sale


After filling out the business bill of sale, the buyer takes possession after completion of payment at an agreed time and location. Both parties will sign the bill of sale and the certificate title will now belong to the buyer. The seller then issues a receipt to confirm a successful sale. If you are the buyer, ensure that you mutually agree on the sales tax settlement to avoid penalties.

There may be other inclusions in a business bill of sale depending on the intricate details of your business, the terms of purchase, and state laws. You can get a variety of bill of sale templates with an editable file format from our site to guide you in drafting one that suits your business sale.

Published: Sep 15, 2020