Arizona Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

An Arizona motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document verifying a vehicle-related sale or purchase deal. When selling a motor vehicle, most sellers and buyers in the USA complete a bill of sale. This form possesses legal force as proof of the transfer of vehicle ownership from one person or entity to another in a private sale. In some states, a bill of sale form is a mandatory document for the vehicle’s registration by the new owner.

In Arizona, there is an official bill of sale form, known as Form 48-2004, that can be filled out during the transaction. If you are not sure how to complete this document, you will find all the necessary guidelines below.

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Document Details

Document Name Arizona Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Arizona Car Bill of Sale, Arizona Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Arizona Department of Transportation
Vehicle Registration Fee $8
Bill of Sale Required? No
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 26

How to Write an AZ Vehicle Bill of Sale

If you’re to sell or purchase a vehicle in Arizona, you can use an official form provided by the state DMV. In Arizona, a bill of sale form is usually required when a person registers a car or goes through a title change process. A purchaser has to have an original bill of sale. It is advisable to prepare a duplicated form to sign during the deal so that both parties will have an original document.

Here is a simple guide to help you correctly fill out Form 48-2004.

Step 1: Enter the vehicle information
In the first part, write down valid information about the vehicle being sold:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Year of manufacture
  • Make (manufacturer)
  • Body style

Part for specifying information vehicle of Arizona bill of sale document for vehicle

Step 2: Define the sale amount
Specify the sale date and the payment amount issued for the vehicle. In the official form of the Arizona bill of sale, you must provide the total amount the seller receives upon a purchase.

Part for specifying information about payment amount of Arizona bill of sale document for vehicle

Step 3: Specify the buyer’s details
In the next section, you need to enter the information regarding the buyer:

  • Full legal name
  • Driver license number
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address: street, city of residence, state of residence, and zip code

Part for specifying information the buyer of Arizona bill of sale document for vehicle

Step 4: Specify the sellers’s details
Similarly to the previous step, you need to write down contact details about the seller:

  • Full legal name
  • Driver license number
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address: street, city of residence, state of residence, and zip code

Part for specifying information the seller of Arizona bill of sale document for vehicle

Verify if all the information is accurate and correct. Only after that, the seller can sign the document. The signature from a purchaser is not mandatory.

Step 5: Ensure you have a notary or MVD agent signature
Arizona’s official bill of sale form must be signed in the presence of a legal representative. They type in the date, county, and state where the document is conducted. There is also a commission expiration date at the end of the document.

Part for notary certificate of Arizona bill of sale document for vehicle

Form 48-2004
Form 96-0236
Form 48-1001
Form 46-8502

Form 48-2004 is the official bill of sale document provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and used to buy and sell different types of vehicles.

Form 48-2004

Form 96-0236 or Title and Registration Application is an official form designed for vehicle owners to apply for a title or register the newly purchased vehicle.

Form 96-0236

Form 48-1001 is a motor vehicle power of attorney provided by the ADOT and used to appoint another person to act on your behalf regarding vehicle matters, for example, to sign title-related paperwork.

Form 48-1001

Form 46-8502 or Sold Notice is completed by a seller to notify the ADOT about the vehicle’s sale.

Form 46-8502
Template Preview
Create a free Arizona Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Registering a Motor Vehicle in Arizona

Keep in mind that you need to register the newly acquired motor vehicle within 15 days after its purchase at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The vehicle’s seller has to conduct the following activities:

  • Present a notification about the vehicle’s sale on the Arizona portal AZ MVD Now (a “sold” notice, Form 46-8502).
  • The back of the title for the vehicle should be signed off, with the signature notarized with a notary public.
  • The license plate should be removed from the sold vehicle (destroyed in case the seller has no other vehicle).
  • The plate credit should be transferred to another vehicle within 30 days after the sale.

Those who conduct any transfer of motor vehicle ownership should notify the local MVD by issuing a public “sold” notice. This is done to prevent any criminal activities such as vehicle theft, avoidance of ticketing, abandoning of a car (which is subject to a $500 penalty in Arizona), and concealing an accident.

Once the sale is complete, the seller should keep in mind that the registration document for that vehicle automatically becomes invalid. Thus, they need to visit the local MVD or contact an authorized motor vehicle registration provider for legalizing the transfer of title and the vehicle’s registration with the new owner. Documents needed for the registration of purchase in the state of Arizona include:

  • The “sold” notice issued by the seller (form 46-8502)
  • The Title and Registration Application (form 96-0236)
  • Active car insurance compliant with Arizona insurance legislation
  • An emissions test (for residents of Phoenix and Tucson)
  • Proof of the seller’s and buyer’s ID
  • The vehicle’s VIN
  • Payment of registration fees
  • Motor vehicle bill of sale form

Motor vehicle buyers should keep in mind that vehicle registration can’t be performed online or by mail in Arizona. They will have to appear in the local MVD office personally to present the documents mentioned above and sign the official registration form.

If the vehicle is sold in another state and needs to be transported by road, the buyer should request a Restricted Use Three-Day Permit from the ADOT (if it’s a private sale) or a temporary registration plate (for vehicles bought from official dealers). With these temporary features, the new owner can transit the vehicle to the place of permanent use, registering it there in line with local procedures.

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Published: Aug 25, 2022