Iowa Prenuptial Agreement Form

If you plan to get married soon, you might be aware of the legal paper called the Iowa prenuptial agreement form. It is possible to create this prenuptial agreement form in Iowa or any other American state, and there are several reasons to do so.

Another name for this agreement is the “prenup” or “premarital agreement” depending on the state. Basically, this agreement can guide the newlyweds on how to manage their properties together.

Each couple that will get married soon may have their own views on the topics tied to their assets, liabilities, budget, and future. If both partners do not mind, they should describe all conditions related to money and estate in the prenuptial agreement before the wedding.

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According to research, the divorce situation in Iowa is slightly better than in the 1990s, but the problem still exists. Even if you live with your partner happily for decades, your marriage may face trouble and dissolve at some point. Prenuptial agreements made before the wedding will help to prevent fighting about your assets and other essential questions. If the template is drawn properly, both parties are safe from unexpected losses or financial problems.

With such an agreement, a couple may define their actions (in matrimony and after divorce or someone’s death) regarding:

  • Assets. Usually, potential spouses already spouses have their private funds and estate when they get married. Furthermore, some couples stay together for many years before they marry, and they start acquiring wealth together. In matrimony, they will have even more such wealth.
    With a prenup agreement, they can define what to do with all their assets, how to manage them while they are married, and what happens if they split up.
  • Debts. The same applies to a couple’s liabilities. Imagine a married couple that is paying a mortgage. It is a good idea to define what partners shall do with their mutual mortgage in case of a divorce.
  • Taxes. With the agreement, partners state if they plan to pay taxes together or separately.
  • Household Costs. Some partners share such costs while in some relationships, only one partner covers them. You can specify your situation in the agreement.
  • Business Possession. If married people are also business partners, they can decide what each party will gain if divorce is inevitable. If one of the partners had their separate business before the marriage, it can be specified in the document and considered their private asset.

Nothing can stop you from adding any other matters to the agreement. However, remember that writing anything regarding your kids is not an option. These agreements regulate only financial issues. If you and your partner get divorced, the court will prescribe who will take care of your children after your official breakup.

As you can see, the agreement can cover a wide range of topics, so it is sensible to create one just in case. Unfortunately, plenty of people believe that their marriage will end only when they die; but the reality is cruel, and many of the divorce and then regret their refusal to sign the agreement.

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Iowa Prenup Laws and Requirements

All you need to know about prenuptial agreements in Iowa is in Chapter 596 (Title XV) of the Iowa Code.

Signing Requirements

In Iowa, the agreement should be in written form, and both partners should sign it (Section 596.4). Form notarizing or witnessing is not obligatory.


The agreement becomes effective once the parties get married, as written in Section 596.6.

Section 596.7 advises on the agreement revocation. In Iowa, you can revoke the contract by signing an additional document if you both agree on the contract cancellation. Also, the mentioned section explains how to revoke the agreement if another partner is against revocation.

Section 596.8 makes the agreement unenforceable if partners have not signed it voluntarily or have not fairly disclosed their assets and debts before the signing; or if the contract is unscrupulous.

What Prenups Can Cover

The acceptable content of such agreements is outlined in Section 596.5 of the Iowa Code. Subsection 2 of this Section underlines that the agreements in Iowa do not influence the spouse or child support in any way.

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Published: Aug 3, 2022