Michigan Small Estate Affidavit Form

The Michigan small estate affidavit form (or SEA form) is a legal form that heirs use while applying to receive a dead person’s property. A small estate affidavit is filled out if the decedent did not leave a will.

The SEA template is different in various American states. However, they all contain some common details:

  • Details about the decedent, including their name and date of death.
  • Information about the affiant and the heirs.
  • The value of the decedent’s estate.

Just like the templates vary in each state, the rules regulating the form’s creation also differ. You can only file a small estate affidavit only if the property’s worth does not exceed the specified amount.

When you complete the Michigan SEA form, you have to get a public notary’s acknowledgment.

Michigan Laws and Requirements

To complete the Michigan small estate affidavit form (or Form PC 598) correctly, you should follow the legal requirements prescribed in Chapter 700 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

By Section 700.3982, you may file a Michigan SEA form to claim a property whose total value does not exceed $15,000. Another requirement is that 28 days must pass after the decedent’s death to claim their property.

The Michigan small estate affidavit is also called “Affidavit of Decedent’s Successor for Delivery of Certain Assets Owned by Decedent.” The form is brief and easy to understand and complete.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Michigan Small Estate Affidavit template in PDF.

Filling Out the Michigan Small Estate Affidavit Form

These guidelines will help you fill out a small estate affidavit form in Michigan:

Download the Form Template

Use our form building software to download the relevant template. It will simplify and speed up the completion process.

Be careful when choosing the file. While there is a general small estate affidavit form, there is also another template suitable for transfer of vehicles only.

Name the Decedent

In the first blank line of the document, write the name of the deceased person.
Decedent name indication section of a small estate affidavit form for Michigan

State your Relationship with the Decedent

Specify how you are related to the decedent by selecting the right option.
Relationship with decedent part of a Michigan sea template

Add the Decedent’s Address

Write the address of the decedent, including the city, county, and the date of death. By filling out this section, you confirm that 28 days have passed since the date of death.
Decedent's address adding section of a small estate affidavit document for Michigan

Read Statements that Follow

Below the address of the decedent, you will see a couple of statements. Read them and ensure that they fit your situation. Ensure you have the right to complete and file the Michigan small estate affidavit form.
Statements part of Michigan small estate affidavit document

Describe the Property

Give detailed information on the subject property.
Property description section of a small estate affidavit template for Michigan

Detail the Heirs

Specify their names, addresses, how they relate to the deceased, and their proportion of the estate.
Heirs details indication part of sea form for Michigan

Sign the Form

When you have filled out every section, sign the form, add your name, address, and the date of signing.
Signing part of a Michigan small estate affidavit form

Notarize the Form

In Michigan, you should notarize the form. Remember to get the acknowledgment of a notary public once the form is complete.
Notarization part of a Michigan small estate affidavit template

Published: Jan 11, 2021