New York Bill of Sale Forms

A New York bill of sale is a legal form used in a private sale between two parties. This document records the transaction details, which include the information about the object sold, the parties involved, and the terms and conditions of the deal.

Bill of sale forms are used for legal protection and are often required as evidence during vehicle and vessel registration.

Here, you will find official forms for all major property types and will be able to use our customized templates valid in the State of New York.


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New York Bill of Sale Forms

There’s a variety of bills of sale, and each is required for different instances and specific types of transactions. Clearly, based on the kind of transaction conducted in New York, you will need the right bill of sale form to be applied and registered accordingly with the state if needed.

Form Details

Document Name New York Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Always Required
Buyer’s Signature Required for Vehicles and Vessels
Notarization Optional
When the Form is Required Motor Vehicle Transactions

Short Video Guide to Bills of Sale in NY

General New York Bill of Sale

New York general bill of sale templateIt’s possible to choose a general bill of sale that can be used for anything, but only if there is no more specific template for New York. General templates are far less special when compared to those tailored for specific property types.
Download: Adobe PDF

New York Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle

New York motor vehicle bill of sale templateFor New York motor vehicle bills of sale, you have to ensure that you get all the information of your vehicle right for the document to be legal. These bills of sale are believed to be one of the most generally chosen ones because they help both the buyer and the seller a lot. The former is guarded against purchasing a vehicle with hidden defects and the latter against partial liability in the event of any incidents.

New York Trailer Bill of Sale – Use this template if you want to sell or buy a trailer in the State of New York and document the details of such a deal.

Download: Adobe PDF

Vehicle Registration Resources and Forms


  • NY DMV Registration Guide – Official step-by-step vehicle registration guide by the New York State DMV.
  • DMV Locations – Check DMV offices locations and available in-person services by county.
  • Title Guide – Learn more about a Certificate of Title and ownerships proofs in New York
  • Proofs of Identity – Find out what can be used as identity proof for registration and titling.


  • Form MV-912 – Official NY bill of sale.
  • Form MV-82 – New York Vehicle Registration/Title Application.
  • Form MV-83T – Use with MV-82 if the vehicle is jointly owned.
  • Form MV-103 – Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statements – attach to your bill of sale.
  • Form DTF-802 – Statement of Transaction – use for gifted vehicles or deals without sales tax in the price.
  • Vehicle POA – Used to appoint someone else to register the vehicle for you.

New York Boat Bill of Sale

New York boat bill of sale templateIn the state of New York, a boat bill of sale is used during vessel registration. You’ll also need to get a verification form to ensure the boat’s identifying number and the number on the register match.
Download: Adobe PDF

Boat Registration Resources and Forms

The DMV locations, registration guide, and some of the forms from the previous section can also be used for boats.



New York Bill of Sale for a Firearm

New York firearm bill of sale templateBills of sale for firearms are believed to be especially crucial since these bills can help monitor each time a firearm is being sold. New York demands a background check by the dealer for any firearm sale to be possible.
Download: Adobe PDF

Firearm Registration Resources and Forms

According to New York law, handguns are required to be registered. You also have to document the propriety rights change and those firearms you’re taking with you to the state.

People are presently prohibited to carry handguns openly in the state of New York. This means that open carry is against the law.


  • Firearm Forms – The directory of all forms firearm buyers and sellers might need in NYS.
  • Sheriff Offices – The list of sheriff offices in each New York county.
  • Handgun Applicants Guide – Instructions and forms for those applying for a handgun license.
  • Military Discharge – Submit this Request Department of Defense Form 214 during handgun license application if you have served in the military.


How to Write a New York Bill of Sale

The filling recommendations were written for the New York bill of sale form created by our company. However, if there’s a document available from your local officials, it is always recommended to use it in the deal.

Step 1: Indicate the NY bill of sale creation date.
step 1 to filling out a new york bill of sale - date

Step 2: Provide the specifics of both sides (purchaser and seller):

  • Full name
  • Street
  • City
  • State of residence
  • Zipcode
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email
    step 2 to filling out a new york bill of sale template - particulars of each party

Step 3: Describe the vehicle being sold:

  • Make (manufacturer)
  • Model
  • Body style
  • Model year (MY)
  • Odometer indication
  • Color
  • Identification Number (also known as VIN)
    step 3 to filling out a new york bill of sale form - details of the auto

Step 4: Enter the payment method and selling price.

Enter the transaction date and state the entire price that has to be paid for the motor vehicle. As soon as that’s been performed, you need to check the method of transaction:

  1. Providing the full sum as one transaction. Definitely nothing difficult here: the seller receives the full amount from the purchaser in one transaction and presents the vehicle to the buyer within the same day.
  2. Trade-in. Using this option, the seller wants to trade their car for the purchaser’s motor vehicle with additional payment from the purchaser. In such a case, the bill of sale must also incorporate the buyer’s vehicle details.
  3. In installment payments. Specify the deposit sum plus the date it should be paid, including the date by which the entire sum has to be transferred to the seller.

Now, indicate how the purchaser will pay:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s cheque
  • Money order

The very last thing to do within this section is to choose whether all applicable taxes are included in the purchase price.
step 4 to filling out a new york bill of sale sample - way of getting money

Step 5: Go over standard provisions and make sure both sides understand them.

These typically state that the buyer acquires the property in “as-is” condition and is liable for it once the transaction is finished.
step 5 to filling out a new york blank bill of sale - miscellaneous terms

Step 6: Place your signature(s) in the corresponding areas.

In most states, the signature of the buyer isn’t mandatory in New York. However, it’s recommended to get the form signed by all parties. You may additionally have one or a few witnesses confirm the deal.
step 6 to filling out a new york bill of sale template - signatures

Step 7: Have a notary public certify the bill of sale

Although notarization is almost never required, it can serve as one more way to shield against legal issues.

In New York, a bill of sale form might be needed in the course of title transfer, so the purchaser should have the original. As a seller, you could either get a copy and keep it or have two identical forms signed and completed by both parties.
step 7 to filling out a new york bill of sale example - notary acknowledgement

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Published: Sep 15, 2020
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