West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Completion of the West Virginia vehicle bill of sale (Form DMV-7-TR) is required in some cases with the sale of a motor vehicle. In this state, the bill of sale form is suitable for the registration of a private sale of a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat. The document should include personal details of the seller and buyer, VIN, details of the sale (e.g., price of the vehicle), and details about the vehicle. If a vehicle is purchased from a dealer, the latter submits all relevant documentation.

The bill of sale template completed in West Virginia should be notarized. The ownership of the vehicle does not officially change until the new owner applies for a certificate of title and gets it.

West Virginia bill of sale templates – look at other bills of sale used in West Virginia.

This article will let you learn the important definitions regarding bills of sale (trade-in option, “as-is” condition, etc.).


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Registering a Vehicle in West Virginia

Transfer of ownership to a vehicle is a specific process that requires attention from both sides of the deal. Our guide will be useful for both buyers and sellers – https://formspal.com/bill-of-sale-templates/motor-vehicle-bill-of-sale/.

If the vehicle is obtained in a private sale or a new state resident wishes to register their vehicle for operation on the West Virginia roads, they should file the bill of sale together with other registration documents to the local office of West Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT).

  • A document proving that the vehicle has been properly signed over to the new owner
  • Completed Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle (form DMV-1-TR)
  • A correctly filled and signed bill of sale (form DMV-7-TR)
  • An Odometer Disclosure Statement for vehicles not older than 10 years
  • Active auto insurance
  • Copy of the buyer’s active driver’s license
  • Proof of residence and ID
  • Payment of all related taxes and fees
  • Technical inspection sticker (for vehicles that don’t have it, the inspection should be completed within 10 days after the vehicle’s registration with the new owner).

Fees for the registration of a new or used vehicle include a $15 title fee, a 6% titling sales tax (for vehicles costing $500+) and a $30 tax for vehicles priced less than $500. In some instances, the $10 lien fee is also applicable.

When is a bill of sale required?

For purchases of vehicles from individuals and the price for that item set at 50% below the current NADA Clean Loan Book value, a notarized bill of sale is mandatory. Otherwise, the tax deduction will be calculated based on the value assigned to that vehicle type by NADA.

For cases when the vehicles are purchased privately from individuals, and their actual purchase price is above the one set by NADA, then the tax deduction is calculated from that sum. All used vehicles 2 years old and less are taxed based on the value established by NADA regardless of the price indicated in the notarized bill of sale.

Those who present or receive a vehicle as a gift or coverage of lien should keep in mind that the 6% tax is still applicable to such items. To register a gifted vehicle, the new owner should submit an Affidavit of Transfer of Ownership Without Consideration, which is form DMV-5-TR in West Virginia.

West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Details

Document Name West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names West Virginia Car Bill of Sale, West Virginia Automobile Bill of Sale
Relevant Link West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
Registration Fee $51.50-86.50
Required by the State? Yes
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 59
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Create a free West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

How to write West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale

The details listed here are centered around our custom bill of sale template. We strongly advise using your local official form whenever possible.

Step 1: Indicate the bill of sale creation date.
Part for indicating creation date of a West Virginia vehicle bill of sale document

Step 2: Type in the particulars of both parties (purchaser and seller):

  • Full legal name
  • Street address
  • City of residence
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Phone number
  • Email address
    Purchaser's and seller's information indication section of a car bill of sale for West Virginia

Step 3: Describe the motor vehicle being sold:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Vehicle’s body style
  • Year of manufacture
  • Odometer record
  • Color
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    Automobile particulars section of vehicle bill of sale template for West Virginia

Step 4: Select how the purchaser will buy the vehicle and for how much.

This stage also involves indicating the date of the purchase and the complete amount agreed upon by both sides of the deal. After that has been handled, you should specify the way of transaction:

  1. The whole amount at once. This one is rather straightforward: the person pays the total cost in one payment and gets the car transported to them within the same day.
  2. Trade-in. In the event that this particular option is picked, the selling side trades their motor vehicle for the vehicle offered by the purchaser. If the buyer’s vehicle is lower in value, they will need to even that out with a further payment. You’ll also have to add the description of the purchaser’s car.
  3. In installments. Using this method, you have to specify the dates when the purchaser has to deliver the initial and the final payments, together with their sums.

Next, decide on one transaction method:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money order

Finally, indicate whether the purchase amount contains all applicable taxes.
Section for information about way of receiving money of West Virginia bill of sale form for vehicle

Step 5: Check the miscellaneous terms.

They usually say that the purchaser acquires the property in “as-is” condition and is responsible for it after the transaction is completed.
Part for miscellaneous terms of a motor vehicle bill of sale for West Virginia

Step 6: Place your signature(s) in the corresponding fields.

For most states, the signature of the buyer is not needed. But, you will end up more protected against legal issues if all sides sign the document. As an extra safety measure, you may have one or two people attest the process and sign the form.
Signature section of vehicle bill of sale document for West Virginia

Step 7: Use the help of a notary public

Notarization is typically not mandatory, but it can be a solid way to introduce another layer of legal safety to your agreement.

In many states, a bill of sale form could be requested in the course of title transfer, so the purchaser needs to have the original. There are two approaches here: you should either prepare and sign a pair of identical documents or make a copy for the seller to keep.
Part for notary acknowledgement of car bill of sale for West Virginia

Published: Sep 17, 2020