Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

A Utah vehicle bill of sale is a document that gives additional security to the participants of a private vehicle sale in Utah. Utah laws do not require the parties of a private deal to complete and notarize a bill of sale template. Still, it’s highly recommended to track the chain of the vehicle’s ownership, identify the vehicle’s condition and mileage at the time of sale, and determine its technical characteristics.

If you are looking for the official Utah bill of sale template for a vehicle, you can use Form TC-843. Both parties must sign the bill of sale for it to serve as legal evidence of the ownership transfer.

Utah bill of sale forms – download more bill of sale documents for Utah together with directions.


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Create a free Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Document Details

Document Name Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
Other Names Utah Car Bill of Sale, Utah Automobile Bill of Sale
DMV Utah Division of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Fee At least $44 (electric car – $120)
Bill of Sale Required? Yes
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 22

How to Write an UT Vehicle Bill of Sale

Official Utah bill of sale template covers the transaction of all types of vehicles, including watercraft, motorcycles, and trailers. If you’re selling or purchasing any motorized vehicle in Utah, use this document to secure your ownership rights. Here is how this document is filled, step-by-step.

Step 1.

Select the type of vehicle you are selling. You may pick one of the options provided:

  • Passenger vehicle
  • Light truck, van, or utility
  • Motorcycle
  • Trailer
  • Heavy truck
  • Off-highway vehicle
  • Snowmobile
  • Boat

Step 1 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale select type

Step 2.

Type in the name of the seller.

Step 2 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale form price

Step 3.

Specify the full name of the buyer.

Step 3 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale sample buyer name

Step 4.

Indicate the total sum of money paid for the vehicle.

Step 4 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale example seller

Step 5.

Provide detailed information regarding the vehicle:

  • Year of production
  • Make
  • Model
  • VIN
  • License Plate Number

Step 5 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale template description

Step 6.

Specify if the license plate is included with the sale of the vehicle.

Step 6 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale license plate

Step 7.

The seller must sign the document and indicate the date it’s concluded. After that, the deal is considered complete, and the document is legally binding.

Step 7 to filling out an utah vehicle bill of sale form signature

Form TC-843
Form TC-656
Form TC-891
Vehicle POA
Form TC-661

Form TC-843 is the official Bill of Sale template for a motor vehicle in the State of Utah.

Form TC-843

Form TC-656 provided by Utah Division of Motor Vehicles is used to apply for a car title.

Form TC-656

Form TC-891 (or Odometer Disclosure Statement) shows the mileage of a motor vehicle.

Form TC-891

Use a power of attorney for motor vehicles to appoint an agent to act on your behalf with the vehicle-related matters.

Vehicle POA

In case the vehicle is registered in the State of Utah for the first time, you should use Form TC-661.

Form TC-661
Template Preview
Create a free Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Registering a Vehicle in Utah

Those who purchase a used vehicle in Utah need to register it to operate on Utah roads. If the purchase was made at the dealer’s office, then the dealer should undertake all the registration hassle. Buying a vehicle in a private sale requires the new owner to come to a local UT DMV office and file the registration documents as follows:

  • An odometer disclosure statement (TC-891) with the indication of the actual mileage of the vehicle at the moment of sale (required for all motor vehicles)
  • A certificate of title signed over by the previous owner
  • A motor vehicle bill of sale
  • An active driver’s license valid in Utah
  • A valid Utah car insurance
  • Safety or smog test results (applicable in some Utah counties)
  • Receipt of the paid $6 temporary permit fee allowing to operate the vehicle until the permanent registration and certificate of title are issued
  • Evidence of all fees and taxes paid to relevant state agencies

It’s noteworthy that though the Utah DMV provides a special form for a bill of sale, it still should not be regarded as documentary evidence of ownership. The bill of sale should always be accompanied by a certificate of title. In such a case, the deal may be regarded as legally complete.

All new owners of vehicles in Utah should pay the 7.25% tax calculated based on the vehicle’s official price indicated in the bill of sale. Other fees associated with the motor vehicle’s acquisition include a registration fee ($150 for cars under 3 years old, $110 for cars 3-6 years old, $90 – for vehicles 6-9 years old, $50 – for vehicles older than 9 years), a title fee ($6), and plate fees ($2.50).

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Published: Jun 10, 2022