Texas 3-day Eviction Notice Form

This type of eviction notice template in Texas takes place when the lessee does not pay the hire charge on time. Thus, the landlord notifies the lessee that he or she wants them to move out within a certain period of time. The renter then has two options: reply to the notification and pay the required sum or move out. If the renter completely ignores the notice, the proprietor has the opportunity to apply to the local court to request eviction permission. If the court hears a complaint in favor of the landowner, then the court makes a conclusion. And if the tenant disregards it, too, then the landowner will have to sue for the right of ownership.

Texas eviction notice templates – this section will let you discover more about some other eviction notices used in Texas.

The Texas 3-day eviction notice is a written notification to the lessee in case of non-compliance with the terms of the lease agreement. And in this case, the reason is the failure to pay the hire charge on time. This document says that the tenant will have to pay the due amount within three days or quit the house. In another way, the proprietor will sue for arrest (according to §24.005 laws).

Notifications are distributed by:

  • The transfer of the paper by mail or registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt;
  • Personal transfer of the document to the tenant or anyone who lives with him or her (16 years and older);
  • The report is attached to the inside of the main door at the entrance.

In the following part of this article, you will find a decent guide on how to create the Eviction Notice. We recommend you to use our software to build the template accurately.

Texas 3-Day Eviction Notice Form Details

Document Name Texas 3-Day Eviction Notice Form
Other Names Texas 3-Day Notice to Quit, Texas 3-Day Notice to Vacate
Relevant Laws Texas Statutes, Property Code, Section 24.005
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 19
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Texas 3-day Eviction Notice template in PDF.

How To Fill Out Texas 3-day Eviction Notice Form

The eviction notice is completed by filling out the required forms:

Indicate the Property’s Legal Address

Write the county where the leased property is located.
Property's legal address indication part of Texas 3 day eviction notice

Point Tenant’s Name

Write down the full name and address of the tenant who is renting the apartment.
Tenant's name specification part of a Texas three day eviction notice form

Indicate the Date

Insert the date of signing the lease agreement.
Date indication part of Texas 3 day eviction notice template

Register the Sum that the Renter Needs to Pay

Write the whole required amount of debt and the time at which it must be paid.
Part for entering amount of renter's debt of three day eviction notice for Texas

Specify Delivery Date

Date when the notification should be delivered.
Delivery date specification part of a Texas 3 day eviction notice form

Mention the Delivery Method

Describe which method of transfer you chose (by post mail, personal delivery, or report attached on the door).
Delivery method indication part of 3 day eviction notice for Texas

Sign the Document

The landlord’s signature and full residential address are needed. Here, the signature of the person who filed for the eviction notice is required.
Signing part of three day eviction notice template for Texas

Enter the Notice’s Date

This means the full date when the application was issued.

Published: Jan 10, 2021