Wisconsin 5-day Eviction Notice Form

The Wisconsin 5-day notice to cure or vacate premises is drawn up by the landlord in the event that the tenant has violated the terms of the lease of the premises. However, the notice is issued only if the lease of the premises lasts less than a year.

The reason for creating a Wisconsin 5-day notice to cure or leave the residence could be non-payment of the lease by the tenant, damage to property, illegal actions of the tenant, or any other violation of the lease agreement.

The Wisconsin 5-day notice is a type of eviction notice template that gives the tenant five days to correct violations of the lease or leave the rented premises. If the tenant does not comply with the terms of expulsion, the landlord has the right to sue the renter.

It is worth noting that the correct completion of the 5-day eviction notice is the main condition for compliance with the requirements for removal of the renter since the paperwork can be considered in court when deciding to evict the tenant.

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Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Wisconsin 5-day eviction letter, as well as a detailed description of each step.

Wisconsin 5-Day Eviction Notice Form Details

Document Name Wisconsin 5-Day Eviction Notice Form
Other Names Wisconsin 5-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate, Wisconsin 5-Day Notice to Vacate
Relevant Laws Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations, Section 704.17
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 10
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Wisconsin 5-day Eviction Notice template in PDF.

How to Fill Out Wisconsin 5-day Eviction Notice Form

Download the Document

Before you start filling out the Wisconsin 5-day notice to cure or vacate the dwelling unit, you need to download the document. You can do it on our website, and in order to achieve the best results, we recommend that you use our form-building software.

Enter the Tenant’s Information

The first step in completing the Wisconsin 5-day notice is to determine who the tenant is. To do it, you must indicate the full legal name of the tenant, as well as the lessee’s contact information.
Part for entering tenant's info of Wisconsin 5 day eviction notice

Enter the Address of the Room

After specifying the tenant’s information, enter the full address of the premises you will be renting. You need to enter the state, city, and address of the premises, and then indicate the ZIP code.
Room address indication part of a Wisconsin 5 day notice to quit form

Describe the Reason for the Eviction

It is important to indicate the reason for the tenant’s eviction and the reason for terminating the lease of the premises. The reason may be late rent, unlawful actions of the resident, vandalism, or other violations of the lease contract.
Eviction reason indication section of a Wisconsin five day eviction notice template

Sign the Document

At the very bottom of the document, the landlord must sign and date the Wisconsin 5-day eviction notice.
Signing section of a Wisconsin 5 day notice to cure or vacate document

Deliver the Document

The Wisconsin 5-day notice to cure or vacate the property must be delivered to the tenant immediately after signing. It is recommended to serve the papers in person, but you can send them by registered mail or courier service.

It is important that the Wisconsin 5-day letter to quit is delivered to the tenant on time so that the tenant has the opportunity to correct the breaches of the contract or leave the leased premises.

Published: Jan 10, 2021