Florida Bill of Sale Templates

A Florida bill of sale form is an important document that acts as a receipt and is used in private sales. The usage of this document is generally optional but highly recommended for large-scale transactions, such as vehicle, vessel, or firearm sales, to have legal protection in case of any issues.

You can download our bill of sale template for your property type and fill it out yourself, or you can use our guided document maker to draft a customized version just for your needs.


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Create a free Florida Bill of Sale online in under 5 minutes!

Florida Bill of Sale Forms

There are three main types of property a bill of sale is used for: vehicles, vessels, and firearms. For everything else, you can check all the variants we offer or use a generic template that can be customized to any private deal conducted in Florida.

Form Details

Document Name Florida Bill of Sale
Seller’s Signature Always Required
Buyer’s Signature Required for Vehicles and Vessels
Notarization Optional
When the Form is Required As a Sales Proof for Vehicle and Vessel Titling

Short Video Guide to Bills of Sale in FL

General Florida Bill of Sale

Florida general bill of sale templateA generic template would be useful if you’re selling or buying small-scale personal property and when there is no special form available just for that property. It would require a bit more effort to fill it out properly, but it still includes all the boilerplate clauses such a document should have.
Download: Adobe PDF

Florida Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

Florida motor vehicle bill of sale templateA Florida vehicle bill of sale is a template used specifically for recording vehicle ownership transfer. It is advised to indicate the title number along with the vehicle’s VIN when filling out the form. The ownership transfer is complete only once the buyer applies for and gets a new title for the vehicle.
Download: Adobe PDF

Florida motorcycle bill of sale – use this custom template for motorcycle transactions.

Florida trailer bill of sale – use this specific template for trailer transactions.

Vehicle Registration Resources and Forms

You’re required to document the vehicle within ten days of the sale or from the time of moving to Florida. Your insurance for injuries for each individual will have to be a minimum of $10,000, and up to a total of $20,000 in coverage for all persons per accident.


  • Registration Guide – The official motor vehicle registration guide by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department (FLHSMV).
  • Vehicle Standards – Guidelines regarding the vehicle (bicycles included) standards in the State of Florida.
  • FL Car Laws – A well-organized guide to the Florida car laws, divided into corresponding sections for ease of navigation.
  • Vehicle History Check – Check the vehicle history by entering its VIN here.


  • Form HSMV 82050 – The official Florida bill of sale form with an odometer statement provided by FLHSMV (rev. 03/21).
  • Form HSMV 82040 – Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration – used by the buyer after the deal.
  • Florida Vehicle POA – Form HSMV 82053, used to authorize a third party to act on your behalf in vehicle-related matters.

Florida Boat Bill of Sale

Florida boat bill of sale templateUse a Florida boat bill of sale for transactions involving watercraft. The buyer will need the original copy of this document during the vessel registration to complete the procedure.
Download: Adobe PDF

Vessel Registration Resources and Forms


  • Registration Guide – The official vessel registration and titling guide by the FLHSMV.
  • Boat Regulations – Guidelines to boat standards and regulations by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


  • Bill of sale form 82050 and application form 82040, which were provided in the previous section, can also be used for vessels.
  • Form HSMV 87002 – used for home-built boats that are shorter than 16 feet.

Florida Bill of Sale for Firearms

Florida firearm bill of sale templateUse this Florida firearm bill of sale template to document a firearms sale in the state. Using this form is optional, but you will have an extra layer of legal protection if you have proof of such a transaction in case of any issues in the future.
Download: Adobe PDF

Firearm Registration Resources and Forms

Florida does not have a specific law that demands firearm registration. Due to the absence of a firearms state registry, you also don’t need to record the possession transfer. Documenting guns you’re taking with you while moving to the state is not required either. Also, it is prohibited for individuals to open carry handguns in the state of Florida.


  • Purchase Requirements – Florida Law Enforcement Department guidelines to gun ownership eligibility.
  • FL Gun Laws – Up-to-date handbook for all major gun laws in Florida.
  • Search Stolen Guns – Look up the stolen gun registry to check if the gun is not stolen property.


  • Form FDACS-16036 – Application for Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

How to write Florida Bill of Sale

Here, you’ll take a look at the instructions written by drawing upon the template made by our experts. But, if there is a form offered by your local officials, it’s advised to use it in the deal.

Step 1: Specify the date when document is created.
step 1 to filling out a florida bill of sale - date

Step 2: Provide the seller’s and buyer’s particulars:

  • Full name
  • Address: Street, City of residence, State, Postal code
  • Contact details: Telephone number, Valid email address
    step 2 to filling out a florida bill of sale form - particulars of each party

Step 3: Type in the descriptive details of the car:

  • Make (manufacturer)
  • Model
  • Body style
  • Year of manufacture
  • Mileage (odometer reading)
  • Color
  • VIN
    step 3 to filling out a florida bill of sale template - details of the auto

Step 4: Now, you need to indicate how you are going to be given money for the deal.

This stage also requires indicating the exact date of the purchase and the complete amount agreed upon by all parties of the deal. You need to also mark the sale method the buyer will go for:

  1. The full sum at once. Nothing complex here: the person pays the full cost in a single payment and has the car delivered to them on the same day.
  2. Trade-in. With this particular option, the property owner wants to trade their vehicle for the purchaser’s vehicle with an extra payment from the buyer. In this case, the document also have to contain the buyer’s vehicle details.
  3. In installments. With this particular method, you need to specify the dates when the purchaser must deliver the first and the last payments, together with their amounts.

And after that, indicate the way the purchaser will pay:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money order

The last thing to complete within this part would be to select whether all applicable taxes are included in the purchase price.
step 4 to filling out a florida bill of sale sample - way of getting money

Step 5: Read the miscellaneous terms.

The “as-is” provision states that the seller provides no warranties and will not be liable for repairs after the transfer.
step 5 to filling out a florida blank bill of sale - miscellaneous terms

Step 6: Now, the bill of sale form must be signed.

The consumer’s signature is typically not required. Yet, you will be more protected against legal problems if both parties sign the bill of sale form. You can additionally have one or a number of witnesses verify the transaction.
step 6 to filling out a florida bill of sale form - signatures

Step 7: Notarize the document

Despite the fact that notarization is almost never obligatory, it may serve as one more way to shield against legal difficulties.

The original document copy has to be presented to the buyer as they are going to require it to receive a title to their new car. There are two ways here: you need to either fill out and sign a pair of identical bills of sale or get a copy for the seller to keep.
step 7 to filling out a florida bill of sale template - notary acknowledgement

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