California 3-day Eviction Notice Form

Lessor-lessee relations in California establish conditions to protect the interests of both members of any contract. For a lessor, it is critical to maintaining the security of their property and funds while the lessee tries to obtain a dependable landlord and a comfortable place to live. Unfortunately, sometimes the terms of the agreement get violated, and the parties fire a warning shot, which is legally called an eviction letter or eviction notice.

The most often reason for breaching a contract is the failure to provide rental payments by the tenant(s). This behavior is recognized as late rent. Lessor-lessee relations are regulated by §1161 of the California Code of Civil Procedure. Under the statutes, the lessor is empowered to claim the full rental sum serving a 3-day notice to provide rent or vacate the premises.

California eviction notice forms – this category will allow you to find out more about some other eviction notices used in California.

A correctly completed 3-day eviction notice template for non-payment must contain:

  • the landlord’s identification, including the legal name, physical address, and contact phone numbers
  • the full outlay of rental debt
  • a statement of an alternative to either provide the payment or vacate the dwelling unit

The property owner should keep the evidence that he or she has sent the 3-day eviction letter. A receipt or a certificate of service can prove that the notice was delivered during proper hours.

Once the lessee has obtained the 3-day eviction, he has 72 hours to cure the matter. Suppose the tenant ignores the notification or isn’t intended to provide rental. He or she must depart from the residence. If the lessee manages to fix the issue and render necessary charges, the tenancy continues successfully.

There are cases when the tenant is eager to pay but needs some time to collect the rent. The landlord may grant the other party extra time to fulfill the obligations. However, it is not a must. It all depends on the landlord’s desire to proceed with eviction or not.

There is one vital point that both parties must acknowledge. The lessor cannot demand that the overdue rent is only given in cash.

Below, you will find a helpful guide on how to fulfill a California 3-day eviction notice. We empower you to use the latest software on our website to generate a template easily and successfully.

California 3-Day Eviction Notice Form Details

Document Name California 3-Day Eviction Notice Form
Other Names California 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit, California 3-Day Notice to Vacate
Relevant Laws California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1161
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 41
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable California 3-day Eviction Notice template in PDF.

How To Fill Out California 3-day Eviction Notice Form

Identify the Lessee

Write down the resident’s legal name.
Lessee identification part of California 3 day eviction notice form

Identify the Dwelling Unit

Insert the complete address of the property that is in the lessee’s current possession. Include the street, city, county.
Dwelling unit identification section of a three day notice to quit form for California

Specify the Character of Payment and the Period of Payment

Give a description of the overdue charges in dollars and insert the unpaid period of rental terms.
Payment period and character specification part of a California 3 day notice to quit template

Identify the Recipient of Payment

If the landlord receives the payment, stick to the first alternative, which is the  “undersigned”. If another individual receives the overdue on behalf of the landlord, use the second alternative, and specify the name, address, and contact phone numbers.
Payment recipient identification of a California three day eviction notice

Define the Payment Method

This section provides four alternatives that the lessee can follow to render charges. The landlord should determine the preferred one. Thus, one should choose from:

  • by electronic transfer, specified in the lease agreement
  • paying in person with a specification of proper hours to collect the funds
  • by deposit to the account, including bank specifications
  • by certified mail, which involves defining the landlord’s address.
    Payment method identification section of a three day eviction notice form for California

Authorize the Letter

The lessor should date the California 3-day eviction notice and certify it by his or her signature.
Letter authorizing part of a California 3 day notice of eviction

Complete the Proof of Service Section

Determine the delivery-person and the method of service (choose one). The one who delivers the letter will date the proof and place the signature.
Proof of service section of a California three day eviciton notice document

Published: Jan 10, 2021