Illinois 5-day Eviction Notice Form

An Illinois 5-day notice to quit is a type of eviction notice template drawn up by the landlord in case the lessee has not paid the rent for the premises. Although the proprietor is not required to remind tenants of the due date for rent, the lessor can create an Illinois 5-day notice to quit. This document will give the lessee five days to pay the rent or evict from the leased premises.

Failure to comply with the requirements specified by the landlord (or landlady) in the 5-day eviction letter makes the resident pay double rent. That is why the Illinois 5-day notice to quit is necessary to make the rental process safe and avoid potential risks.

It is worth noting that the Illinois 5-day notice to quit must be delivered to the recipient personally and cannot be mailed. It is done to ensure the tenant has received the letter and has read the paperwork.

Illinois eviction notice templates – find out more about several other eviction notices used in Illinois.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to generate an Illinois 5-day notice to quit, detailing each step of the process.

Illinois 5-Day Eviction Notice Form Details

Document Name Illinois 5-Day Eviction Notice Form
Other Names Illinois 5-Day Notice to Quit, Illinois 5-Day Notice to Vacate
Relevant Laws Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 735, Section 5/9-209
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 27
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Illinois 5-day Eviction Notice template in PDF.

How to Fill Out Illinois 5-day Eviction Notice Form

Download the Template

Before you can start filling out the Illinois 5-day notice to quit, you need to download the paper template. You can do this on our website and also use our form-building software to get the best results.

Insert the Tenant’s Data

You must enter the full legal name of the resident and their contact information to determine who exactly the renter of the premises is.
Tenant's data indication part of Illinois 5 day notice to quit

Enter the Address of the Rented Premises

Specify the state, county, city, and address of the leased premises, and then enter the zip code.
Part for entering rented premises address of a 5 day eviction notice for Illinois

Insert the Amount of Debt

You must indicate the full and exact amount of debt in US dollars.
Debt amount specification part of Illinois five day notice to quit form

Authorize the Letter

At the bottom of the document, the lessor must place the signature and date the paperwork.
Letter authorization part of Illinois 5 day eviction notice

Transfer the Notification to the Tenant

The landlord or landlord’s agent must personally transfer the record to the lessee. One cannot send the document by mail or courier service.

Fill Out the Affidavit of Service

This certificate will be important evidence that the tenant has received a notification of eviction and is accustomed to the intervals of payment of the rent. In the affirmation of Service, you must provide the contact information of the lessor and lessee.

Affirmation of Service must be signed by the lessee. The moment of receipt of the eviction notice must be affixed for the lessee to meet the eviction deadlines.
Part for filling out affidavit of service of Illinois 5 day eviction notice document

Published: Jan 10, 2021