New York 3-day Eviction Notice Form

A New York 3-Day Notice to Quit template is a free eviction notice that the landlord can give verbally and in writing. A 3-day notice to quit is then issued if the rent is not paid. It is recommended to notify the tenant in writing because such a document can be provided to the court if the tenant does not comply with the terms specified in the notification. It is worth noting that a 3-day notice to quit gives the tenant three days from the moment of receipt of the notice, for which the tenant must either pay off the debt for the lease or leave the rented premises.

The New York 3-Day Notice to Quit can be important in tenant eviction litigation and is an official document, which is why it must be filled out correctly. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to creating and filling out a New York 3-Day Notice to Quit.

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How to Fill Out New York 3-day Eviction Notice Form

Specify the Identity of the Tenant

The first step in completing the New York 3-day notice to quit is identifying the tenant or tenants by entering the tenant’s full legal name. You can also attach a copy of the lease, which will include the names of the tenant and landlord.
Tenant identity specification section of New York 3 day notice to quit form

Enter the Notification Creation Date

The next and no less important step is to indicate the date of creation of The New York notice to quit. This date will be taken into account when calculating the period for which the tenant is expected to pay off the debt or leave the rented premises.

Enter the Address of the Premises

To determine the exact address of the leased premises, you need to indicate the state, city, street, building number, and room number, as well as the zip code.
Premises address indication part of a three day eviction notice for New York

Specify the Identity of the Landlord

Fill in the full legal name of the landlord or his agent to determine who exactly draws up the 3-day notice to quit.

Sign the Document

After filling in all the necessary fields, the landlord needs to sign the document, post the signature date, and immediately deliver the notice to the tenant.
Document signing part of New York 3 day notice to quit template

Create a Certificate of Service

The creation of this document is necessary to confirm that the tenant received and reviewed the notice of eviction on time. The Certificate of Service must contain the signature of the tenant and the signature of the person who delivered the notification, as well as the date of receipt of the notification.

Published: Jan 10, 2021