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Are you looking for a way to improve your safety while driving? If so, you may want to consider taking an Army accident avoidance course. These courses are designed to help drivers stay safe on the road, and they can be especially beneficial for those who operate military vehicles. In addition to teaching drivers how to avoid accidents, these courses also provide information on how to deal with difficult driving situations. If you're interested in learning more about Army accident avoidance courses, keep reading. We'll discuss what these courses involve and how they can benefit you.

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Form NameArmy Accident Avoidance Course
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesarmy accident avoidance course certificate, accident aviodence cert, army accident avoidance course certificate fillable, accident avoidance certificate fillable

Form Preview Example


This cour se is now locat ed at t he Ar m y Lear ning Managem ent Syst em at : ht t ps: / / w w w . lm s. ar m y . m il

The login inst r uct ions ar e:


. Log on w it h your AKO cr edent ials ( Access and Passw or d) .


. Type “ t r affic” in t he Cat alog Sear ch engine blank and click “ Go” .


. Click “ Regist er ” for t he cour se and t he syst em r equir em ent s

sect ions and follow t he pr ocedur es t o begin your t r aining.


. You m ust t ur n off y our “ Pop Up Blocker ” or y ou w ill never see t he

cour se.


. Click “ Launch Cont ent ”


. Click “ Ar m y POV 1 - 3”

For t hose t hat pr efer t o dow nload t he AAAC and run t he cour se fr om t heir com put er s:


. Dow nload and Save t he AAC_ CDROM. ZI P file ont o your local

deskt op or a dr ive you can w r it e t o.


. Cr eat e a folder called AAC.


. Double click on t he AAC_ CDROM. ZI P file and it should open .


. Click on t he WI NZI P Ext r act link, Br ow se t o t he AAC folder you

cr eat ed and select Ext r act fr om t he WI NZI P m enu . The AAC

cour sew ar e w ill be unzipped int o t he AAC folder .


. Open t he AAC folder and double click on t he st ar t . exe file.


. Make sur e you ent er your nam e t he w ay you w ant it displayed on

your cer t ificat e. Not e: I f t he . zip file does not open you w ill need t o dow nload and inst all WI NZI P.

NOTE: The pr ogr am is a 67 MB zip file and m ay t ake a few m inut es t o dow nload.

I f y ou have any pr oblem s and need HELP, do not cont act t he Gr ound Safet y office but cont act t he ALMS Help Desk at 1 - 877 - 251 - 0730 .

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