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A form of this type is created so that the principal is sure that his interests are taken into account even if the principal loses his legal capacity. A Durable Power of Attorney Form is an official form that allows an individual or principal to select an agent who can make financial decisions even if the principal is unable to do so independently due to health problems or other problems. It should be noted that this form does not give the agent the right to make decisions regarding the health and treatment of the principal. The creation of a durable power of attorney form is recommended for all adult citizens, regardless of health status. A Durable Power of Attorney Form requires the form to be notarized after signing the form.

The agent will also have access to all of the principal’s financial documents, bank account, and finance in general. As an agent, choose a person who fully trusts his financial affairs because the agent will make decisions on behalf of the principal.  To appoint a health care agent, you need to fill out another form that will empower the health care agent to make decisions about your health care in case you find yourself in a situation in which you cannot make decisions.

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Signing Requirements and Laws

Anyone planning to create an A Durable Power of Attorney Form should carefully read the A Durable Power of Attorney Form rules to make the A Durable Power of Attorney Form valid in Maryland.

The rules, laws, and requirements for completing the A Durable Power of Attorney Form vary from state to state. That is why you should carefully study all the rules and requirements for filling out the form. If you do not understand any part, law, or requirement of a term, we advise you to seek professional legal advice.

Important terms used in A Durable Power of Attorney Form:

  • Principal – is a person, an individual, who appoints an agent. If you create an A Durable Power of Attorney Form and select an agent, it means you are the principal.
  • An agent –  is a person chosen by the principal so that, in the event of the principal’s incapacity, the agent can accept, instead of the principal, decisions regarding the principal’s finances.
  • Durable – this term means that the agent will have the right to make decisions regarding the financial matters of the principal even if the principal is found to be incapacitated

The original version of the form must be kept by the agent in an easily accessible but safe place.

After signing, the form must be notarized for the form to take effect.

Steps to Complete the Form

If you are already familiar with all the necessary aspects of creating an A Durable Power of Attorney Form and are ready to start filling out a form, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed step-by-step instructions below. Avoid possible mistakes and shortcomings.

  • Download the document

Download the document on our website to fill it out electronically or print it out and fill it out in. To ensure the best result, use our form building software. You can download the form in any format that suits you.

  • Enter principal and agent info

In the first section of the form, you need to enter the principal’s details and then enter the details of the agent chosen by the principal. Before you enter the principal’s full legal name, you should carefully read all the information on the form’s first page. We advise you not to skip this step to make the process of filling out the form as simple and understandable as possible for all participants in the process. After you enter the principal’s full legal name in the “Principal’s name” column, you need to specify the agent’s data. First, enter the agent’s full legal name and then enter the contact information (phone number, residential address, and email). Optionally, you can provide the name and contact information of the second agent in case your agent cannot make decisions for you.
Principal and agent info entering section of Maryland durable power of attorney

  • Check out the general rights and responsibilities of an agent

In this section of the form, the principal needs to review a list of seven agent authorization statements. As a principal, if you agree with all of the statements listed in the list, you can leave this section of the document unmarked. If you do not agree with one or more of the statements, this statement must be crossed out or removed from the form’s final version. If the principal deletes or strikes out any of the statements, the agent will not have the authority specified in that statement.
part for rights and responsibilities of agent of a Maryland dpoa template

  • Enter special instructions and the effective date of the form

This section of the document often indicates the date from which the agent can receive the powers specified in this form. If you have any other instructions or additional comments on the agent’s powers, they need to be specified in this section in the dedicated field.
Section for special instructions and effective date of durable poa form for Maryland

  • Sign the form

If you agree with all the points and sections of this form, you need to sign your name and then enter your full legal name, address, contact phone number, and email. The agent and witness must also fill in their full legal name and contact information and put the signature.
Signing section of Maryland dpoa template

  • Notarize the form

After you, the agent, and the witness sign the form, you need to notarize the form for it to be valid throughout the state. For this, you need to submit the form to the notary, who will fill in all the required fields and put the state seal. After that, the original copy of the form should be kept by the agent in a safe but easily accessible place.
Notarization part of Maryland durable power of attorney

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Published: Nov 19, 2020