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In the state of Oklahoma, you will find two documents that cover issues connected with the delegation of responsibilities to another person in case the principal becomes incompetent or incapacitated — Durable Power of Attorney (for financial regulations) and Durable Power of Attorney (With Health Care Powers Only). We dedicate this review to the financial DPA Form and will cover all inherent data in the sections below.

The durable power of attorney form creates additional layers of safety for the future decisions that one is planning to render whenever he or she is at risk of falling seriously ill or just takes steps to foresee the possibilities of hard times.

In Oklahoma, a Durable Power of Attorney enables an individual to choose a trusted person who will designate as an agent and provide financial decisions following your instructions and wishes described in the document.

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It is important to understand that a Durable Power of Attorney document privileges accesses to financial matters only. Following the §15-1003 section, the statutory form does not authorize your representative to make medical, health care, and end-of-life decisions on your behalf. It is acceptable that one transfers the engagement immediately after the signing and notarizing the form, or the principle empowers to instruct the agent to take responsibility when he or she becomes incapable due to health condition.

As the document grants financial powers, it is essential to choose a reliable person as an agent. It is a good idea to elect someone you can genuinely trust — a spouse, adult children, a relative, or a reliable friend, and thus in case you become incapacitated or unable to render decisions in written or sound form, this person will be aware of your wishes and follow the instructions accurately and thoughtfully.

Oklahoma Signing Requires and Laws

The Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney is a self-sufficient document that contains all necessary data and requirements stated in the Oklahoma Statutes. Residents of the state may execute the DPA and transfer the responsibilities and powers to any person they find reliable, who will follow the principal’s wishes if he or she becomes severely ill and unable to render further financial decisions.

The Oklahoma DPA deals with such matters as money and property, including:

  • Money, stock, and business transactions
  • Insurance and annuity issues
  • Retirement plan transactions
  • Taxes
  • Estate and other beneficiaries

Following §58-1072 of the Oklahoma Statutes, an individual should accomplish the listed requirements:

  • The principal must submit his or her legal name and complete place of residence. The principal should place his or her signature in front of two competent witnesses to make the document legitimate.
  • DPA requires two witnesses of 18 years of age or older.
  • The witnesses must not be in blood or marriage relations with the principal and the elected attorney-in-fact.
  • The notary public authorization is required to validate the document.

Following §15-1004, Title 15 of Oklahoma Statutes, the word “durable” signifies that once the document becomes valid, it remains valid, not considering the principal’s later incompetence and disability. The revocation and adjustments are possible only in writing form. Following the Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney form described in section §15-1003, Title 15 of Oklahoma Statuses, the principal must notify the elected agent of any new amendments.

Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney Form
Other Names Oklahoma Financial Durable Power of Attorney, OK DPOA
Relevant Laws Oklahoma Statutes, Sections 58-1071 to 58-1077
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 37
Available Formats Adobe PDF

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Steps to Complete the Form

In our survey, we described the inherent guidelines that define when the Durable Power of Attorney document for Oklahoma citizens is valid. Below we will walk you through the complete checklist that will help you to avoid misunderstanding while completing the template.

  • Download the Oklahoma Durable Power of Attorney Form

Use our form building software to create a Durable Power of Attorney template so you could start filling out the document immediately.

  • Complete the Introduction Section 

The section is dedicated to the introduction of the participants, date, and place. The first thing you should do is to write down the date of the agreement. Then specify the principal’s legal name and city. You need to render the same type of information about the chosen person to verify him or her as the attorney-in-fact.
Introduction section of Oklahoma durable power of attorney

  • Specify the Effective Date Section

Here, you are given two alternatives when the document becomes valid. Make sure to write down your initials opposite one of the statements that you choose to be appropriate.
Effective date section of Oklahoma dpoa form

  • Define the Powers of your Elected Agent

This part of the document covers the responsibilities and powers that the principal assigns to the elected attorney-in-fact. The principal must place his or her initials opposite relevant powers. Below is the complete list of instructions:

  • Banking
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Lending and Borrowing
  • Government Benefits
  • Retirement Plan
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Property
  • Power to Manage Property
  • Gifts
  • Legal Advice and Proceedings
    Powers of agent part of durable power of attorney template for Oklahoma
  • Render Special Instructions

The principal should specify additional instructions if there are any. In this section, the attorney-in-fact gets extra powers, or on the contrary, the principal can limit the responsibilities and powers introducing new parameters. If there are any attachments, the principal should submit the information here. If there are no special instructions, you must place “None” on the lines.
Special instructions section of durable poa for Oklahoma

  • Collect the Principal’s Signatures

After reading the body of the document and submitting the inherent data, it’s time to place the principal’s signatures. Define the day, month, and year of execution and place the principal’s full legal signature on the corresponding line opposite the word “Signed.” Then fill out the section below, specifying the complete residency.
Principal signature part of Oklahoma dpa

  • Collect Witnesses Authorisation

To make the Oklahoma Power of Attorney Form legitimate, one must introduce two witnesses’ legal names. Both witnesses must be eighteen or older and know the principal personally. They mustn’t be related to the principal and the elected attorney by blood or marriage. After collecting the witnesses’ authorization, one should proceed to notarization.

  • Notarize the Document

This section is final and is dedicated to collect the authorization of the notary public. Collect the necessary data and make copies of the document.
Notarization part of Oklahoma durable power of attorney document

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Published: Jun 26, 2022