Free Maryland Durable Power of Attorney Form

This type of legal form is filled out to make a principal certain as to the fact that their interests will be secured should they run out of their legal capacity. When a principal’s desire is to appoint an agent to perform financial decision-making on behalf of the principal unable to do so themselves, a Durable Power of Attorney is officially created. The reasons to create a sample durable power of attorney vary from one’s health condition to other circumstances. Mind that a DPOA form won’t allow an agent to make health-related decisions instead of the principal. All persons at the age of majority are recommended to have the form completed; the health status is not a crucial condition. It is required by Maryland Law that a Durable Power of Attorney form be notarized as a final stage of its creation.

Access to the principal’s financial papers, bank details, and other finance-related data is granted to the agent by the DPOA form. It is suggested that an agent is to be trustworthy, as the person will have to deal with financial issues and must be fully reliable.

To assign a person to take care of your health decisions on your behalf, you should consider creating another special legal form, a Medical Power of Attorney. This appointed agent will be able to substitute you when you are unable to make health-related decisions by yourself due to your medical condition or other valid reasons.

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Signing Requirements and Laws

Please refer to the Maryland Code, General and Limited Power of Attorney Act (Title 17, Sections 17-101 and 17-202 through 17-204) to find out about the measures to be taken to validate the Durable Power Of Attorney form in Maryland.

Different states of the USA have their own regulations and terms regarding the Durable Power of Attorney form. Before you proceed to create the form, familiarize yourself with specific regulations valid in your state. You can also turn to a legal professional’s consultation to clarify certain requirements and terms of filling out the Durable Power of Attorney form.

Consider the crucial terms you need to know while filling out A Durable Power of Attorney Form in Maryland:

  • A principal — an individual over 18 years old enabled to create the form and appoint agents
  • An agent — an individual chosen by the principal to make finance-related decisions on behalf of the principal who is incapable of doing so themselves.
  • Durable — this word in the context of the DPOA creation means that an agent can make financial decisions on behalf of the principal even though the latter is disabled to do it on their own.

Principals should keep the original document in a safe place with quick access should the circumstances demand so. To finish the creation of the DPOA form, a principal must sign it and have it notarized.

Maryland Durable Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Maryland Durable Power of Attorney Form
Other Names Maryland Financial Durable Power of Attorney, MD DPOA
Relevant Laws Maryland Annotated Code, Estates and Trusts, Sections 17-101 to 17-204
Signing Requirements Notary Public and Two Witnesses
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 37
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Steps to Complete the Form

Below is a comprehensive guide to filling out the Maryland Durable Power of Attorney form. Once you have looked through the state requirements and important conditions, you can proceed to fill out the form. Mistakes and inaccuracies are to be avoided.

1. Download the document

You can download the template of the form online or use the form-building software presented on our website to embrace simplicity and ensure the topmost result. Choose any suitable approach to filling the form out.

2. Enter principal and agent info

In this part of the DPOA form, input the information regarding the principal and the appointed agent. As the first step, ensure that you comprehend everything you see in the document to avoid misunderstanding in the future. Not only is it crucial to the principal, but the document also affects the chosen agent, so understanding of the form’s content is essential for all the parties involved. Input the legal name of the principal in the designated column, add the agent’s contact info, including the current address, telephone number, email, etc.

If this is the desire of a principal, the second agent can be optionally appointed. If this is the case, add all the required info regarding the second agent. The second agent can affect the principal’s financial matters should the first agent fall incapable of doing so.

Principal and agent info entering section of Maryland durable power of attorney

3. Check out the general rights and responsibilities of an agent

In this section of the form, the principal needs to review a list of seven agent authorization statements. As a principal, if you agree with all of the statements listed in the list, you can leave this section of the document unmarked. If you do not agree with one or more of the statements, this statement must be crossed out or removed from the form’s final version. If the principal deletes or strikes out any of the statements, the agent will not have the authority specified in that statement.

part for rights and responsibilities of agent of a Maryland dpoa template

4. Enter special instructions and the effective date of the form

This section of the document often indicates the date from which the agent can receive the powers specified in this form. If you have any other instructions or additional comments on the agent’s powers, they need to be specified in this section in the dedicated field.

Section for special instructions and effective date of durable poa form for Maryland

5. Sign the form

Sign the form if you approve of all the conditions specified in the document. Add your legal name and other information such as email, phone number, and address in the designated column. After that, the agent and witness do the same and sign the document, too.

Signing section of Maryland dpoa template

6. Notarize the form

Once the form has been signed by the principal, agents, and witness, the next step towards the completion of the form is its notarization. This latter step is required to make the document utmostly legal in Maryland. The paper must be submitted to the legal notary, who should fill out the designated parts of the form, sign it, and seal it. The agents of the principal are to keep a copy of the document safe and easily accessible.

Notarization part of Maryland durable power of attorney

seal of maryland state
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Published: Jun 26, 2022