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The Georgia Durable Power of Attorney Form is a document that an individual over 18 years old can create to appoint a special agent to solve financial matters on their behalf. The form comes into action when the creator of the form falls incapable of making finance-related decisions on their own. The major reason for most Georgia residents to have the form filled out is the health of the creator. However, all persons can create the durable power of attorney form despite their health condition. Besides, the health-related decisions are out of the appointed agents’ responsibility, and the operations concerning the health and wellbeing of the creator are not regulated by the document. In this kind of case, a Medical Power Of Attorney form can be considered.  Notarization is required to fully validate the DPOA form in Georgia.

It is needless to say that an agent designated to act on behalf of a principal should be reliable and capable of performing the required operations. He or she will also be granted access to all the finance-related papers and files (bank account details and other financial documents) of the principal, which makes the right choice of the agent a number one condition for the utmost effect of the document.

Georgia power of attorney forms – this particular page will allow you to read additional information on some other power of attorney forms that can be used in Georgia.

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Signing Requirements and Laws

In order to avoid mistakes and further complications, study the content of the Georgia DPOA form carefully, as most states’ approaches to conditions, law application, and requirements vary. State laws that govern the Durable POA compilation procedures include the Uniform Power of Attorney Act (Sections 10-6B) and Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care Act (Sections 31-32) Reading them will ensure your security and make the document fully valid in Georgia.

Before we walk you through the steps of filling out the DPOA form, let us first consider the basic definitions: an agent, a principal, and the word “durable.” Here are the most important terms applied in the Durable Power of Attorney Forms in any state of the USA:

  • A principal is a Georgia resident who wants to appoint an agent to make him or her capable of making finance-related decisions on the resident’s behalf.
  • An agent is the one appointed by the principal to perform finance-related operations when the principal is disabled to do so, which usually occurs when the principal’s health condition does not let them take part in the financial decision making.
  • Durable — the term implies that the agent is legally in power to make the financial decisions on behalf of the principal.

It is strongly recommended that the original version of the form be kept in a safe place easy to access for the principal and designated persons.

Georgia Durable Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Georgia Durable Power of Attorney Form
Other Names Georgia Financial Durable Power of Attorney, GA DPOA
Relevant Laws Georgia Code, Title 10, Chapter 6B
Signing Requirements Notary Public and One Witness
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 37
Available Formats Adobe PDF

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Steps to Complete the Form

To make everything concerning the DPOA form filling clear and comprehensible, we have created a step-by-step guide. When you are up to start filling out the form, revise the requirements and conditions to minimize possible mistakes and subsequent adverse outcomes.

1. Download the document

Download the document on our website to fill it out electronically, or print it out and fill it out in writing. You can download the form in any format that suits you. To ensure the best result, use our form-building software.

2. Complete the first section

Input the information concerning the district of your official registration to specify the range of places where the form will be considered valid. The principal will then need to read the info on the first page of the form. From the text on the first page, you will learn what rights your agent gets, that your agent does not have the right to make decisions about your health care, that laws differ from state to state. If not everything is clear for you after reading this info, you should seek professional legal advice.

First page comletion part of Georgia durable power of attorney form

3. Enter agent’s details

In this section of the form, you need to enter all the data of the agent. Keep in mind that as an agent, you need to choose a person to whom you are ready to fully entrust all your financial issues since the agent will have access to fascinated finance, bank account. That is why you need to approach the question of choosing an agent as responsibly as possible and think about your decision. You will need to provide a full legal name, your agent’s address, your agent’s contact phone number, and email address.

Agent details entering section of Georgia durable poa template

4. Approve the delegated rights and to the agent

In this section of the document, the principal must claim approval of all the information concerning the agent, as well as the responsibilities of the agent specified in the document.

In the first part of this section, you will need to analyze, point by point, in which cases the agent will have the right to make decisions for you. Check out the Grant Of General Authority in detail, and then put your initials next to each item you agree with. You do not have to agree with all the points from the list for the form to be valid. Therefore, study all the listed points in detail and put your initials only in front of those points with which you completely agree. If you do not understand or do not fully understand any of the points, we advise that you seek professional legal advice.

In the second part of this section, you will need to list the agent’s non-basic rights and obligations. As in the first part of the form, you need to put your initials in front of all the paragraphs with which you agree.

In the third part of this section, you need to indicate which rights and obligations you do not transfer to your agent and which restrictions on your agent’s rights and obligations. In a specially marked field, you need to indicate all the restrictions or write that there are no restrictions.

After you complete all three parts of this section, you will need to indicate the date from which the form becomes effective.

Delegated rights approving part of Georgia durable power of attorney document

5. Sign the form

If you find all the information specified in the form agreeable, a principal should put their signature in a designated area of the DPOA form, input their name, initials, current address, telephone number, email, etc. To make the document valid, agents and a witness should input their contact information and full legal names. After that, all appointed parties should leave their signatures in the document.

Signing section of document of dpoa for Georgia

6. Ensure the notarization

Once all the required data and signatures have been provided by the principal, agents, and a witness, the next step is to notarize the form. The document should be submitted to the legal notary of the state, who will fill the form out, sign, and seal it. A copy of the form is given afterward to the principal’s agent to keep it secured in a safe place.Notarization part of Georgia durable power of attorney template

seal of georgia state
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Published: Aug 14, 2022