Idaho Medical Power of Attorney (POA) Form

In Idaho, the document is referred to as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care form. The form is a part of a larger document, Advance Directive, and, as a rule, is accompanied by a Living Will form. The medical power of attorney form is used to select a person who will act and communicate on an individual’s behalf when dealing with serious healthcare decisions. It may come in handy when the principal loses the capacity to give instructions and communicate their wishes.

A person may become incapacitated due to some severe mental or physical illness or incurable disease, permanent vegetative state, or irreversible coma. It is better to take care of such situations in advance to prevent close relatives and friends from the feeling of being at a loss. The paper ensures that an agent (a person who is chosen) has a legal right to make choices according to the principal’s wishes and decide what medical treatment is best for them.

Filling out the form is recommended to those who have already fallen victim to some severe disease or those who are at an advanced age.

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The form comes into force right after the principal is no longer capable of making conscious decisions relating to medical care and expressing their wishes clearly. If hopes for improvement come true, and the principal becomes able to make their own decisions again, the agent’s powers will be terminated. The form can be revoked at any time by the person who signed it.

The document empowers an agent (or several agents) to make choices with regard to the following issues (which coincide with those in the Living Will form):

  • Whether to provide or withhold medical treatment that helps to relieve pain and keep the principal alive;
  • Whether to use or refuse to use some of the life-prolonging practices, including artificial or non-artificial methods of providing adequate hydration and nutrition for the body to function properly;
  • Whether to obtain or withdraw other life-sustaining procedures;
  • Whether to make organ gifts or not;

All the choices should be based on the principal’s wishes and beliefs if the latter has managed to communicate them to the attorney-in-fact. The agent also can get access to any information that is written in the principal’s medical records unless the declarant limits the agent’s authority.

Idaho Laws and Requirements

Before deciding to create the MPOA form, make sure that you have got acquainted with all signing requirements and statutes. In Idaho, there are no laws requiring that the document must be signed or acknowledged by witnesses and a notary public. It means that the principal is the only person who can make the document valid. In other states where notarization is not required but at least recommended, the form still has a space for a notary agent’s signature. In the state of Idaho, the form has room only for the principal’s signature. Thus, even the agent doesn’t need to be present when the form is being signed.

Following ID Code § 39-4510 (2019), only adults with a decision-making capacity who are no younger than 18 years old are allowed to create and sign the Idaho MPA form. The form comes into effect when a person’s physician verifies that the principle is no longer competent to communicate decisions.

According to state law, the structure of the form can be either the same as the one presented in the section or similar to it. If the structure of the form differs from the one provided in the statutes, the form must cover the same issues and contain the same sections.

Once all requirements are satisfied, and the principal has considered the agent’s authority in advance, the declarant is welcome to proceed to fill out the form itself.

Idaho Medical Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Idaho Medical Power of Attorney Form
State Form Name Idaho Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
State Laws Idaho Statutes, Sections 39-4501 to 39-4516
Signing Requirements Notary Public recommended
Who Can’t Be the Agent? Section 39-4510
Who Can’t Be the Witness? Witnesses are not required
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 21
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out the Form

In the state of Idaho, the whole document contains seven pages, but the MPOA form consists of only five pages, so it will not take too much time. If you follow the step-by-step instruction below, the process of creating the form will become much easier and quicker.

  • Download the MPA form

To make the downloading process quicker, use our form building software. You are welcome to fill out the form on your computer or any other technical device: insert the necessary information and then print it in order to provide signatures and make copies.

  • Provide the Principal’s Personal Details

The document starts by specifying the identity of the declarant. In the first blank line of the document, insert the date on which the paper is created. The next two lines are dedicated to the basic information about the principal: their full name and address.
Principal's personal details part of Idaho medical power of attorney

  • Designate the Agent

Fill out the Living Will form (if needed) and proceed to the MPOA form. In the first part of the form, the principal is to insert the personal details of the chosen person. Before appointing an agent, read the introductory information about limitations set on the agent. Be aware of the fact that if the agent belongs to one of the categories of people listed in the section, the agent cannot act as such. Please enter the attorneys-in-fact’s name, complete address, and contacts.
Agent designation section of a document of mpoa for Idaho

  • Specify Restrictions and Limitations (If Needed)

After you have read the information about the responsibilities you charge your agent with if you lose the ability to communicate your wishes, which is stated in the third paragraph, proceed to the next section, which allows you to either limit or expand powers delegated to your agent if you think that some of your wishes have not been fulfilled. If you find that the space is not large enough for your instructions, provide additional pages.
Restrictions and limitations specification section of Idaho mpoa template

  • Add Alternative Agent(s)

In Idaho, the form allows you to appoint up to three additional agents. They are empowered to make the same decisions stated for the primary agent. In part 7, look through the conditions under which your agent may become unable to communicate decisions on your behalf. If it becomes a subject of your concern, choose another person (or several people) to do it. Do not forget to fill out all the personal details.
Alternative agent adding section of Idaho mpoa document

  • Sign the Paper 

Only after the principal has read all the requirements, instructions and checked the inserted information several times they can proceed to this section. At the bottom of the last page, the person who is to execute the document must provide their signature. It is also necessary to input the state and city in which the form is signed.
Signing section of a medical power of attorney form for Idaho

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Published: May 24, 2022