Oregon Medical Power of Attorney (POA) Form

In Oregon, the Medical Power of Attorney is known as Advance Directive and serves to evince that the principal has designated a legal representative to make health care decisions on his or her behalf once becoming incapacitated. The medical power of attorney form is mainly aimed at senior residents or those who experience severe illnesses. However, it is wise to initiate the creation of the AD for any adult, preventing uncertainty concerning end-of-life treatment in case of an accident or any undesirable emergency.

Oregon power of attorney forms – this section will let you find out more about other powers of attorney that can be used in Oregon.

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Oregon Laws and Requirements

127.819 chapter of Oregon’s Law defines the following terms:

  • Attending physician: the doctor, primarily responsible for performing health care treatment of the principal;
  • Capable: is physically and mentally able to make medical decisions, according to the attending physician’s (or another doctor) determination;
  • Qualified Patient: an 18-year-old adult, residing in Oregon and capable of making health care treatment decisions;
  • Terminal disease: a life-threatening condition, which, according to a reasonable extent of medical probability, cannot be cured.

The document is of utter importance. Make sure that you are designating a person you know well and believe in performing his or her duties in your best interest as your attorney-in-fact because he or she will be granted broad powers once you have become incapable of speaking for yourself.

127.510 chapter of Oregon’s Law declares that the paper can be revoked any time the principal expresses such a wish. Unless the document is revoked or the principal is no longer incapable, the AD loses effectiveness at the moment of the principal’s death.

Oregon Medical Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Oregon Medical Power of Attorney Form
State Form Name Oregon Advance Directive for Health Care
State Laws Oregon Revised Statutes, Sections 127.505 to 127.660
Signing Requirements Notary Public OR Two Witnesses
Who Can’t Be the Agent? Section 127.520
Who Can’t Be the Witness? Section 127.515(4)
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 21
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out the Form

To successfully submit the form, follow these simple instructions:

  • Obtain the Template

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  • Provide Principal’s Data

Enter your full name, date of birth, telephone numbers (home, work, cell), a complete address, and an e-mail.
principal's data indication part of a medical power of attorney for Oregon

  • Designate the Attorney(s)

Submit your chosen representative’s personal data, including all pieces of information mentioned above, and your relationship. It is recommended to appoint an alternative agent(s) in case the original one is unwilling or unable to perform the duties.
Attorney designation section of Oregon medical poa form

  • Indicate Special Instructions for the Agent

Your health care representative will be granted powers to act on your behalf in a situation you are unable to give directions upon your treatment preferences, unless you indicate your special instructions. Put your initials next to the statement you consider to be most relevant to your wishes: following your instructions to the extent appropriate, your instructions being guidelines for the agent, or other instructions you may decide to submit.
Agent special instructions indication part of Oregon mpoa template

  • Express Your End-of-Life Care Wishes

Study the information in the section concerning different options of the end-of-life treatment and initial the statements that correspond with your decisions.
End of life care wishes expression of medical power of attorney document for Oregon

  • Sign the Form

Check the information you have given, affix your signature, and indicate the date.
Signing section of Oregon mpoa template

  • Witness or Notarize the Paper

The Oregon AD should be either witnessed or notarized. If you opt for notarization, a legal notary will be supposed to authenticate the document. If you have chosen the form to be witnessed, two qualified adults will have to print their names and sign the paper, stating that they know the principal (or has proved identity), and put his or her signature willfully and in the presence of the witnesses.
Witness or notarization part of Oregon medical power of attorney form

  • Establish the Agent’s Acceptance

The attorney(s)-in-fact, mentioned by the principal in the second section of the AD, must provide the printed name, signature, or verification of acceptance and indicate the date of the agreement becoming valid.
Agent's acceptance establishment part of Oregon mpoa

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Published: Jul 3, 2022