Maine Medical Power of Attorney (POA) Form

As defined by the state law, a Maine Health Care Advance Directive is an official document allowing a patient who needs medical treatment to delegate the entire capacity or a part of it to make all the healthcare-related decisions on behalf of that patient to a trusted person. Usually, such a trustee is a professional attorney who specializes in medical law. So, when a crisis situation occurs, that designated person will get to decide on the treatment policy of even questions of life and death in certain circumstances. The person issuing the Advance Directive is called a principal or a declarant.

The attorney plays a very important part in the patient’s life once the Healthcare Directive is signed. This person will further decide if the medical personnel should continue, change, or stop the treatment entirely on behalf of the patient. So, it is genuinely no exaggeration that it is probably the most vital (literally) legal form in the US. People that have been suffering from certain injuries or severe conditions affecting their mental estate, and who are recognized incapacitated, shall take care of an agent designation in advance.

By means of the medical power of attorney form, you can compile detailed instructions for the assignee on how to act in particular situations. The issues covered may include and directly concern:

  • General Medicare issues
  • Ways and means of preferred treatment
  • Medical procedures aimed at sustaining life

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Specific requirements for healthcare directive compilation vary from one state to another. In the following section, we will tell you some more about the Directive-related laws and regulations applied in Maine in 2020.

Maine Laws and Requirements

As stated in Section 5-803(2) of the Maine Advance Health Care Directives (Title 18-C), signing a form should be accompanied by two witnesses. You should be over 18 (or under this age but have the rights of an adult) and in sound mind.

You are to choose the future agent very carefully because one will make medical decisions for you. An agent can be any adult except for one from the medical staff of the hospital where you get treatment. But if at the same time one is your relative, then one can be.

The signatures of you and other people involved should be written. After the signing process, an agent gets access to all your medical records for understanding what the right decision one must make on your behalf.

The local authorities allow for the patient to have up to three healthcare attorneys or legal representatives so that someone has a deciding vote if a dispute comes to a deadlock. Each of the respective agents will have to provide their personal information and share responsibility over the life and health of the subject declarant.

Maine Medical Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Maine Medical Power of Attorney Form
State Form Name Maine Health Care Advance Directive
State Laws Maine Probate Code, Title 18-C, Sections 5-801 to 5-817
Signing Requirements Two Witnesses
Who Can’t Be the Agent? Title 18-C, Section 5-805
Who Can’t Be the Witness? Title 18-C, Section 5-805
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 21
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out the Form

We have prepared a detailed guide with all the required steps so you can easily complete the health care advance directive form in Maine. You may see this guide below.

1. Download the Template

You may start the compilation process by downloading the current version of the Maine Health Care Advance Directive form. We highly encourage you to use our online form-building software resources.

2. Insert Info about Yourself and the Agent(s)

In the first section, you are to insert your full legal name, your place of residence, and your birthday. Then you can see ten blank lines. Here you need to specify the full names of people who have copies of this document.

Part for information about principal and people who get copies of Maine mpoa form

3. Choose Your Agent(s)

Once you make your final decision on the agents’ personality, you will have to provide their personal data in the document. The local authorities will require you to fill out their full legal names, daytime and emergency contact number, sometimes even physical address, and relationship type.

As we have already mentioned, the local norms allow appointing up to three people as your healthcare agents. So, this effectively means that if you are willing to appoint more than one person, you need to repeat the procedure with filling out their personal a couple more times.

If you don’t want a particular person to be your agent anymore, you have a section below that you can fill out later. But remember to make a new copy of this paper and give it to your close people and physician.

Agent choosing section of a Maine medical power of attorney document

4. Fill out the Instructions for Your Agent

Leave your personal instructions and preferences for your assigned agent in the blank section below. No one knows your treatment procedures better than you, so try to make the instructions as detailed as possible. Usually, the most sensitive subjects are life-sustaining procedures and other medical measures that affect the person’s life quality directly.

We always encourage people to leave a detailed note here; however, it is not obligatory to do so. Thus, technically, you can skip this section and rely entirely on the goodwill of the designated agent(s). That is yet another reason why someone should choose a trusted person to be their healthcare agent and legal guardian.

Agent instructions part of medical power of attorney for Maine

5. Add the Information about Your Physician

In this section, you are to place the full name, place of residence, phone number of the physician, one’s assistant, and the nurse.

Section for information about physician of a mpoa for Maine

6. Specify the Donation and Burial Process Details

In these sections, you can choose whether you want to donate your organs (and which particularly) and in what way to be buried (if you want, of course). You can also add the names of people who you want to learn about your last wishes.

Part for information about donation and burial process of medical power of attorney form for Maine

7. Sign the Healthcare Directive Form

You are to sign the form and put a date of signing and your address.

Signing part of health care advance directive form of Maine

8. Ask Witness(es) and Notary to Sign

In this section, witnesses and the notary are to sign the form and put a date of signing and your address.

Witness and notary signing section of a Maine mpoa document

9. Leave Special Revival Instructions (Optional)

If you want to be revived, you need to fill out this form too, and notify your physician and give one the form to put the special information.

Special instruction about evival part of a Maine medical power of attorney template

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Published: Jul 13, 2022