Oklahoma Quitclaim Deed Form

If a resident of Oklahoma passes or sells to property someone, they need to close the deal lawfully, which means they will sign some legal forms. One of these forms could be the Oklahoma Quitclaim Deed Form, a legal instrument that shows that real estate rights are transferred from one party to another.

In all quitclaim deeds, the grantor (or the property giver) states that they cease their rights in favor of the grantee (or the property recipient). So, there are items you should outline regardless of where you are signing this printable deed form:

  • Both parties’ details (names and addresses)
  • The address of the real estate in question
  • The selling price (for the rights; sometimes not included in the form)
  • The date

In all states, you should ask for a notary acknowledgment when the form is ready. Some states also demand a signature of a witness (or even two witnesses).

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Create a free high quality Oklahoma Quitclaim Deed online now!

There is a crucial point you need to know about the form: it is commonly used if the property is given to you by a person you trust and know well. For example, if you get divorced or legally separated from your spouse and start a property splitting procedure. Or if you are a parent who gives a property as a gift to your kid. Another case is when partners in a business deal with property possession. This form will not work if the agreement is between strangers.

Quitclaim Deed Laws and Requirements in Oklahoma

Laws governing quitclaim deeds vary from state to state. We are here to clarify the norms applicable in the state of Oklahoma for you.


Everything you should know regarding quitclaim deeds in Oklahoma is included in Title 16 of the Oklahoma Statutes. Particularly, Sections 16-18 and 16-41 mention quitclaim deeds.

Signing Requirements

Section 16-26 of the previously mentioned title makes it compulsory to notarize such forms in Oklahoma.

Recording Requirements

Section 16-39a of the Oklahoma Statutes says that you have to record your quitclaim deed in the county clerk’s office where the passed estate is situated.

Format Requirements

The Oklahoma Statutes contain a section by which you must use the word “quitclaim” in your deed to distinguish it from a warranty form (or any other form). See Section 16-41 for clarification.


Fees for your deed recording in Oklahoma vary from county to county. In some counties, you will pay $18 for the first page and $2 for any extra page. In others, the fee for the first page is $8 and $2 for any other page

How to Fill Out and File a Quitclaim Deed in Oklahoma

You already know about the Oklahoma laws on a quitclaim deed and what the form is about. The only thing left is how to create a free printable quitclaim deed form.

Our easy-to-use form-building software will help you get the required template of any legal record, including the Oklahoma Quitclaim Deed Form. Do not hesitate to try it. When you get the file, go through our quick guide below to see what to write.

1. Write the Date

You should start with dating the document. Write the current date in the record’s first line.

2. Identify the Parties

Write the names of both the grantor and grantee.

3. Write the Price

Enter the price which the grantee pays. If there is no money involved, leave the line blank.

4. Write the Address and PID number (If Any)

You should describe the property by adding its full address and PID number if you have gotten it from the County Assessor’s Office.

5. Affix Your Signature

Both the grantor and grantee should sign the form. Under the signatures, they should write their full names as well.

6. Notarize the Record

Remember that the deed’s notarization is mandatory in Oklahoma; without it, your document will not make much sense. So, below your signatures and names, there should be the signature and a seal of a notary public.

Now, you can record the document to make it valid. Check the county where the property is located and apply to the clerk’s office of this county. Get ready to pay the required fee, which depends on the county where you register your quitclaim deed.

Published: Jul 21, 2022