Arkansas Eviction Notice Forms

The Arkansas eviction notice forms are a special type of official document that is created to secure the act of renting premises and avoid financial risks. The Arkansas eviction notice forms are an eviction notice issued by the lessor and sent to the renter if the renter does not comply with the requirements specified in the rental agreement.

It is critical to note that a sample eviction notice is an important document when finishing a rental agreement. If the renter does not leave the rented area according to the deadlines specified in the eviction notice form, the lessor has the right to sue the renter due to non-compliance with the terms of the lease of the territory and the conditions for finishing the lease of the territory.

There are several types of eviction notices, and there are three in Arkansas. All of them are designed for different types of violations of the contract between the renter and the lessor and report different eviction times. Most often, the Arkansas eviction notice templates are drawn up if the renter delays or does not pay the rent, but there are other reasons, which we will discuss below.

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Arkansas Eviction Laws

To make the eviction of the renter act safe, it is important to comply with all Arkansas laws that apply to the act. A responsible approach to finishing a lease will help you avoid financial risks and avoid legal problems and even litigation.

Below you will find a list of Arkansas State laws governing renter eviction and renter termination. We recommend that you carefully read the list of laws and types of eviction notice forms to avoid possible problems associated with this procedure.

  • Non-compliance

If the renter violates the terms of the lease of the premises, the lessor has the right to send a notice of eviction. At the same time, in the notice itself, the lessor is obliged to indicate which violations were made. Such a warning informs the renter that they must either leave the premises within 14 days or correct the violations. All this is described in the Arkansas Code §18-17-701.

  • Failure to Pay Rent

One of the most common reasons for terminating a lease is non-payment of rent. If the rent is not issued, the lessor has the right to issue an eviction notice with a deadline of three days, referring to the Arkansas Code §18-60-304 (3).

  • Rent Grace Period

Under the Arkansas Code §18-17-701 (b), the lessor has the right to terminate the rental agreement if the renter has not paid the rent five or more days after the due date.

  • Termination of Month-to-Month Lease

According to the Arkansas Code §18-17-704, the renter or lessor is required to send an end-of-lease notice no later than 30 days before the check-out date. The reason for issuing such a warning can be almost anything, but it must be drawn up to avoid financial risks.

Arkansas Eviction Notice Laws Details

Rent Grace Period 5 days
Notice of Non-Payment 3 days
Notice of Non-Compliance 14 days
State Laws Arkansas Annotated Code, Sections 18-17-701 to 18-17-707

Eviction Notice Types Used in Arkansas

If you are creating an eviction notice, please note that there are three forms available to you in Arkansas: 3-days in advance, 14-days in advance, and 30-days in advance.

An Eviction Notice in Case of Non-Payment of Rent

This type of check-out notice is issued if the renter has not paid the rent five or more days after the due date for rent. According to this notice, the renter has no more than three days to leave the rented premises.

An Eviction Notice in Case of Non-Compliance With the Lease Agreement

This type of eviction notice is drawn up by the lessor if the renter has violated the lease agreement. In the notice, it is important to indicate which of the clauses of the agreement was violated. The rentee has 14 days from the date of the eviction notice to leave the rented premises or to correct violations.

Notice of Termination of a Monthly Rental Agreement

It is a standard type of eviction notice that is issued by the lessor or renter if a member wants to terminate the monthly lease. This eviction notice gives the rentee 30 days to leave the rented premises. It is done to avoid financial risks associated with the completion of the lease of the premises because the lessor will have time to find new renters, and the renters will have time to find a new lease.

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Eviction Process in Arkansas

If you, as a lessor, need to eject a renter who violates the terms of the lease, there are several steps you need to follow to eject the lessee successfully.

  • Decide on the Type of Eviction Notice

You need to choose one of three types of eviction notice, referring to the reasons for the ejectment. This could be a three-day, 14-day, or 30-day eviction notice.

  • Create an Eviction Notice

The first step in creating an eviction notice is to download the form. You can download any type of eviction notice from our website and use our form building software to get the best results.

  • Deliver an Eviction Notice

After you create an eviction notice, it must be delivered to the recipient as soon as possible. To do this, we recommend sending a notice of ejectment by registered mail or courier service. It will help you meet deadlines and make sure the renters receive the letter.

  • Submit a Subpoena

This step is provided in case renters fail to meet their checkout deadlines. In this case, the lessor has the right to sue them.

Arkansas Eviction Court Forms

Below you will find information on the basic forms required when evicting renters through the court.

  • Writ of Possession

This form states that the lessor owns the leased area, and the renter must leave the area within 24 hours.

  • Summons

It is a form that is served to the renter to inform them that they have been sued.

  • Civil Case Cover Sheet is the form that the lessor submits to the court. The information in this form is for statistical purposes.
  • “Complaint” is a form sent to the renter to indicate which particular aspects of the rental agreement were not maintained.
  • “Answer” is a form that is sent by the renter after receiving a Complaint. In this form, the renter can plead guilty or challenge their guilt.
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Published: Apr 20, 2022
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