Minnesota Eviction Notice Forms

Being a landlord in the United States sometimes means that you have to face the process of your tenant’s eviction. To complete this process legally, you need at least one document called an eviction notice. To download one of the relevant Minnesota eviction notice templates, you can use our form building software.

An eviction may take place in plenty of cases, including the postponement of the rent paid by a tenant, violation of the lease agreement rules, plans of an owner to sell or re-rent the premises, and other situations. An eviction notice is the first document your renter will receive if any of these problems occur.

An eviction notice template normally contains the information about a renter and a landlord, along with the address of the premises and the day for a renter to quit.

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Minnesota Eviction Laws

The laws that one should apply when conducting an eviction process in Minnesota are included in chapter 504B of the Minnesota Statutes. This chapter regulates relations between an owner and renter.

As in any other state, in Minnesota, the periods of notice to a tenant vary. If a tenant, for instance, has postponed the payment and does not fix this situation, a notice should be given in no less than 14 days before the eviction date. Other cases are stated in the mentioned chapter.

Minnesota Eviction Notice Laws Details

Rent Grace Period None
Notice of Non-Payment 14 days
Notice of Non-Compliance Not specified
State Laws Minnesota Statutes, Section 504B.281 to 504B.371

Eviction Notice Types Used in Minnesota

There are two forms of such a notice that are typically used in Minnesota:

30-Day Notice to Quit (for Month-to-Month Lease Agreements)

When an owner wants to empty the space and sell, re-rent, or use it for other purposes, such a notice should be delivered to a renter.

14-Day Notice to Quit (for Non-Payment)

For cases when a renter does not pay the rent in terms stated in the signed lease agreement, this document might be sent to notify about the planned eviction.

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Eviction Process in Minnesota

Sometimes an eviction notice delivery is not enough to make a tenant move out. Some landlords have to appeal to a court to finish an eviction. Here are our instructions for such situations.

  • Send a Notification to a Renter

The first thing you should do is sending a notice about the planned eviction to a renter. Pick one of the forms that suit the situation, fill it out, and deliver it to a renter.

  • Appeal to Court

There are cases when a renter ignores your notice and does not reply. If this happens, you should proceed to the court and initial a trial. For the beginning of the process, you will need to submit a couple of documents and pay some fees.

  • Deliver the Documents to a Renter

When the documents are submitted to the court, you should send the copies to a renter to notify them about the start of a trial process. Send the documents using a process server.

If a tenant wants to object, he or she may reply with a certain legal form in Minnesota that we will mention below.

  • Finish the Eviction

After you, as an owner, win the trial, a renter has to leave your property in a limited period. In case the moving out does not occur, you may ask the sheriff for help, providing certain documents that prove the decision of the court.

Eviction Court Forms

An eviction process that goes through the court in Minnesota is associated with documents that both an owner and a renter should or may submit. One of them is needed to finish the eviction process, another will help register a case in the court, and the third one will let a renter defend him- or herself during the trial.

In Minnesota, the list of legal forms used in processes tied to eviction includes:

  • “Writ of Recovery of Premises and Order to Vacate” Form

This document is tied to the last step of our instructions in the previous section. An owner should receive this form and show it to the sheriff in his or her area to finish an eviction of a renter (if a renter stays on the premises after losing in court and has no intentions to leave).

  • Eviction Action Answer

This is a legal form that a renter may use if he or she has any objection to a claim of an owner. Another name of this document in Minnesota is the HOU202 Form.

  • Eviction Action Complaint

When an owner decides to begin a trial, this is an essential document that he or she should submit to the court to pay the required fees. This paper also has an official name in Minnesota: the HOU102 Form.

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Other Minnesota Forms
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Published: May 28, 2022
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