Michigan 7-day Eviction Notice Form

The landlord-tenant relation is not always perfect. Tenants may breach the contract committing violations like:

  • Neglect or refusal to transmit monetary funds within the rent-paying period;
  • Keeping unauthorized pets;
  • Parking vehicles inappropriately;
  • Keeping, manufacturing, or selling drugs on the premises;
  • Instigating prostitution;
  • Causing damage to the place;
  • Violence, domestic abuse, or behavior that may lead to harming other persons’ health and safety.

Landlords may break their pledges as well, though their obligations are always written in the lease, and when signing the document, they officially claim to act as demanded.

Every state coordinates eviction differently, and the landlord will ask to leave the premises within a particular period of time, depending on the place’s location. Normally, tenants are given from three to seven days to vacate the premises after breaching the contract seriously and up to 30 days to find a new dwelling unit if the landlord decided to terminate the contract because of some other reason.

Use our form-building software to get the Michigan 7-Day Notice to Quit Template, which is the type of eviction notice template. The eviction process caused by nonpayment is regulated by §554.134(2) of the state law, which can be used in the state if the tenant neglects or refuses to provide monetary funds within the negotiated rent-paying period.

Michigan eviction notice forms – see other eviction notices used in the State of Michigan.

Michigan 7-Day Eviction Notice Form Details

Document Name Michigan 7-Day Eviction Notice Form
Other Names Michigan 7-Day Notice to Quit, Michigan 7-Day Notice to Vacate
Relevant Laws Michigan Compiled Laws, Section 554.134
Avg. Time to Fill Out 9 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 24
Available Formats Adobe PDF
Template Preview
Download your fillable Michigan 7-day Eviction Notice template in PDF.

How to Fill Out Michigan 7-day Eviction Notice Form

Indicate the Tenant

Provide the resident’s full name in the square at the top of the document.
Tenant indication part of Michigan 7 day notice to quit template

Name the Landlord (Landlady)

Write down the full name of the owner of the premises.
Landlord specification part of a Michigan 7 day eviction notice

Describe the Premises

If the place is different from the mailing address, you will need to give a detailed description of it. Input the sum of money in US dollars the tenant owes in a corresponding line.
Part for premises description of Michigan 7 day eviction notice form

Sign the Document

The landlord (landlady) has to indicate the date of the notice, provide his or her mailing address (city, state, ZIP), and affix the signature.
Document signing section of a Michigan 7 day notice to quit document

Certify the Paper

After completing the court’s copy, certify that you have served the notice to the tenant. Tick the date and the method of delivery you have chosen, type or print the name of the renter and sign the document again. Keep in mind that both sides of the form should be completed (one for court, another for the tenant).
Paper certification part of a seven day eviction notice for Michigan

Published: Jan 10, 2021