Georgia Medical Power of Attorney (POA) Form

If someone faces a critical moment of an accident or incurable severe disease, he or she may become unconscious at some point and will no longer be capable of decisions and actions. For such cases, a person needs a representative who will be responsible for the decisions tied to medical care. To appoint this person (an agent or attorney), you should create the “Medical Power of Attorney form” (or the MPA form).

The medical power of attorney form allows for giving various instructions to your attorney (or agent) regarding many things and procedures. Among those things are:

  • The treatment you would prefer in various cases.
  • Healthcare and medical care in general
  • Procedures that are needed to sustain your life

And many other things that are related to medical care when a critical situation occurs.

Georgia power of attorney forms – this section will allow you to learn more about some other powers of attorney that can be used in Georgia.

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In Georgia, the MPA form is included in the “Advance Directive” (or AD) form. You designate your health care agent or attorney at the very beginning of the Advance Directive.

With this directive, you may choose someone who will take care of your treatment if you suddenly become disabled. In the United States, it is especially recommended to create such a form if a person is severely ill or has passed a certain age (usually when they are 65 years old or more). However, accidents with serious traumas happen without age limits, so creating the MPA form may be considered even if the declarant is young and healthy.

Rules that one has to consider to create the MPA form in the US vary from state to state. Many states require either notarization of this form or getting a signature from a witness (or even two witnesses).

Georgia Laws and Requirements

The AD form in Georgia is regulated by paragraph 31-32-5 of state law (Georgia Code). You do not have to notarize this paper in Georgia; however, two witnesses will have to sign your document according to the local law.

The AD in Georgia is quite detailed: the form consists of 15 pages and describes many aspects of a declarant’s will about health care. In Georgia, a declarant may add two backup agents that can substitute the initial agent if he or she wants.

Georgia Medical Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Georgia Medical Power of Attorney Form
State Form Name Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care
State Laws Georgia Code, Sections 31-32-1 to 31-32-14
Signing Requirements Two Witnesses
Who Can’t Be the Agent? Section 31-32-4
Who Can’t Be the Witness? Section 31-32-5(2)
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 21
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out the Form

For your convenience, we have added a comprehensive guide with all the steps to create the Advance Directive in Georgia easily. Check out the instructions below.

1. Download the Georgia AD Form Template

Completion of the Advance Directive begins with downloading the template of the document. You may use our form building software if you want to make it quick.

2. Insert Your Name and Date of Birth

As a declarant, you should add your full name and date of birth under the heading of the form.
Part for inserting name and date of birth of Georgia medical power of attorney form

3. Read the Notice Thoroughly

Below the lines for a declarant’s name and birth date, there is a notice that describes which parts are included in the Advance Directive in Georgia. The form has four parts:

  • Health care agent (or attorney)
  • Preferences of yours about the treatment
  • Guardianship
  • Effectiveness of the form and participants’ signatures

Every part has a brief description that helps a declarant to orientate. You are not obliged to fill out all of the three first sections; one is enough; to make the form valid, it is necessary to complete the last part.

4. Appoint Your Health Care Agent

The first part of the AD Form in Georgia is dedicated to your medical care agent or attorney appointment. Keep in mind that if you designate your spouse as your agent and get divorced later, the form will not be effective from the moment when you are divorced. Also, if a declarant is not married yet, the form will be annulled (if a selected agent is different from the spouse).

In Georgia, you should insert the name and address of your agent, as well as all phone numbers possible: cell, home, and work numbers. The email address of your agent is needed, too.
Health care agent appointment section of a Georgia AD form

5. Add Your Backup Agent(s)

You may add two backup agents in your Advance Directive in Georgia. This section is optional, so you can leave it blank. If you have decided to appoint a backup agent (or agents), you have to add the same data as for your initial agent (see instructions in Step 4).
Backup agent adding section of a medical power of attorney template for Georgia

6. Read and Accept the Following Notice

After appointing your agent(s), you will see a text that consists of the general information about the directive. Read and accept it. If someone is not clear, you may consult your lawyer.
Part for accepting the notice of a Georgia medical power of attorney document

7. Delegate the Responsibilities to Agent

Here, you will see a list of three matters in which your agent will act. They includes:

  • Autopsy
  • Organ donation and body donation
  • The final disposition of the body.

You have to read the descriptions and choose the relevant points by placing your initials. If a person that should take care of the final disposition of your body is not your agent, add his or her data. Here, you will also state if your body will be buried or go through a cremation process.
Responsibilities delegation of a document of mpoa for Georgia

8. State Your Treatment Preferences

In the second part of the Advance Directive in Georgia, you should make numerous choices about your treatment preferences. Read each statement carefully and choose wisely; your choice should coincide with your wishes. This is an optional section of the AD Form in Georgia.
Treatment preferences statement section of AD form in Georgia

9. Fill out the “Guardianship” Part (If Needed)

This section is optional, too. Here, you may choose your guardian for the situations when a court decides that you need one.

You may opt for your health care agent as your guardian or appoint another person. If you add another person, place his or her name, address, available phone numbers, and email address to the relevant lines.
Guardianship part of Geogia mpoa form

10. Add the Effectiveness Dates

In the following part (which is mandatory), you need to insert the dates of the Advance Directive effectiveness.
Effectiveness dates adding section of a medical power of attorney form for Georgia

11. Sign the Advance Directive

After adding the dates of effectiveness, you should sign the form and add a date of signing.
Signing part of advance directive form for Georgia

12. Ask Witnesses to Sign

In Georgia, you should have two witnesses to make the Advance Directive valid. The last page of the form has blank lines where your witnesses should sign, add a date of signing, and insert their personal details: names and addresses. Remember that your health care agent cannot be your witness.
Witnesses signing section of Georgia medical power of attorney template

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Published: Jun 17, 2022