Georgia Quitclaim Deed Form

Every deal tied to purchase or transfer of real estate in the United States involves the completion and signing of certain documents. Most people in Georgia prefer using the Georgia Quitclaim Deed Form, a simple but crucial legal document.

This legal tool lets you declare that you do not aspire to any rights regarding the considered real property. The form also declares that you agree to transfer your rights on the estate to another person. In the document, this person is usually called a grantee, while the person giving up their claims is the grantor.

This deed form is signed only in specific cases, usually when a person decides to pass their real property to someone close like a spouse or an ex-spouse after a divorce, any other relative, or for business purposes.

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Create a free high quality Georgia Quitclaim Deed Form online now!

Thus, the quitclaim deed form is needed in specific situations, not for every sales transaction related to real estate. Moreover, if you purchase from a person you do not know, you have to choose another document to safeguard yourself, and other requirements will follow.

Wherever you sign this form, you have to add specific mandatory details:

  • Information about the grantor and the grantee, including their names and counties where they reside or their addresses
  • The signing date and the grantor’s signature
  • Price (if applicable)
  • The full address of the considered real estate.

Quitclaim Deed Laws and Requirements in Georgia

Georgia residents signing the form must meet the local laws and requirements. The following main points will be useful if you plan to sign such a paper.


Quitclaim deeds in Georgia are regulated by Section 48-4-44 of the Georgia Code. Some norms are found in Title 44, which is fully dedicated to a property of all kinds and related matters.

Signing Requirements

The section we have just mentioned and Section 44-5-30 also demand for a notary verification and signatures of two witnesses to make the form valid in Georgia. If the notary public also doubles as a witness, you should find one more witness to sign it.

Recording Requirements

You must record your deed with the local Superior Court Clerk located in the same county as the property, as outlined in Section 44-2-15. Signatories should consult them about additional requirements and tax payment.


In 2020, the new law about the filing fees was accepted in Georgia. Before then, people used to pay $10 to register the first page of the deed and $2 for any additional page.  The fee has increased to $25 for the whole document.

How to Fill Out and File a Quitclaim Deed in Georgia

Many people prefer quitclaim deeds because they are relatively easy to create; typically, you will not need lawyers’ help, which simplifies the process and your money. And with our guide below, you will draw your template in a blink of an eye! We have prepared a list of steps you need to accomplish for successful results.

1. Obtain the Proper Template

For starters, you will need a template that meets the legal requirements and is commonly used in the state of Georgia. The good news is that our convenient form-building software can generate you the actual Georgia Quitclaim Deed Form in just a moment. We strongly recommend using it if you are looking for any legal form, including this one.

2. Add the Preparer’s Name and the County

Write the name of the person preparing the document and the county where it is signed.

3. Enter the Date

Write the current date on the first line of the form.

4. Introduce the Parties

Firstly, write the grantor’s full name, then the grantee’s.

5. Describe the Transferred Estate

You have to add a brief description of the property being transferred. Stating its full address is mandatory. You can also add any other details you consider important.

6. Ask the Grantor for Their Signature

In Georgia, only grantors should sign the document. Apart from the signature, they should duplicate their full name.

7. Notarize the Form and Ask Witnesses to Sign

Remember that in Georgia, it is necessary to not only notarize your quitclaim deed but also ask a witness to sign. If a notary refuses to be one of the witnesses, you will need a notary’s signature and the signatures of two witnesses (not one).

Then, remember to register your deed with the Superior Court Clerk.

Published: Jun 14, 2022