California Quitclaim Deed Form

The transfer of real estate either as a gift or a sale requires plenty of paperwork.

If the property is transferred between relatives or close friends, they can use the Quitclaim Deed Form.

Why do we say that you should be very familiar with the person who is transferring the rights to you? The fact is that this document does not provide guarantees that the grantor owns this property. Therefore, this deed form is usually used by people with no reason to deceive each other and who have absolute trust in each other. For example, they could be parents transferring property rights to their child or one spouse to another.

So, trust is the most critical issue when using this document. If the grantee is not 100% sure, then it is best not to accept this paper.

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Create a free high quality California Quitclaim Deed Form online now!

Quitclaim Deed Laws and Requirements in California


Transfer of real property in the State of California is governed by California Civil Code § 1091-1099. It states that the transfer can be carried out by drawing up a written document.

Signing requirements

The grantor must sign the document in the presence of a notary public. The notary must also certify the paper.

Recording requirements

Once the form is prepared correctly and signed by a grantor and a notary, it must be registered. To do this, you must submit it to the appropriate County Recorder’s Office. Check the current address in your County.

Remember to submit the form together with a Preliminary Change of Ownership or Form BOE-502-A.


You have to pay a transfer tax when submitting this form, whose amount depends on your county. California prices are moderate compared to many other states. Check the current price before filling it out.

Before writing the document, contact the County Assessor’s Office to determine the Assessor Parcel Number (APN). This number refers to the legal description of the property and is quoted in the quitclaim deed itself.

How to Fill Out and File a Quitclaim Deed in California

We advise you to use our form-building software to complete this document fast and conveniently.

Check our step-by-step guidelines to fill out the paper correctly. Please note that the document is filled out by those quitting to claim the property.

Download the Form

You will find the current California version of this form on our site.

1. Fill in Identifying Information

You need to write:

  • the name of the person requesting the record
  • name of the grantee
  • their postal addresses

2. Specify the APN

Fill in the number that you got in advance from the County Assessor’s Office.

3. Enter your Name

Write your full name after “hereby acknowledged.”

4. Enter the Grantee’s Name

In the next line, write the name of the person receiving the property.

5. Fill in the Address Details

In the next few lines, you should include county and city. Specify the address where the property is located and its legal description.

6. Sign

Sign and date the paper in the presence of a notary public, who will also certify this deed.

7. File the Document

Register your document with the Record’s Office of the County. The grantee should keep the original copy of the paper.

Published: Apr 7, 2022