Free South Carolina Power of Attorney Forms

It is crucial to have access to South Carolina Power of Attorney forms as they enable another person to become your agent. You need to use a Power of Attorney form in the event you’re unable to act yourself in a legal environment and wish to designate who your new attorney is. You might also go with these particular forms to decide on an attorney for your child or some other person in the care of you.

There exist several POA forms, so you be certain to choose one specific to your matter. Bear in mind, you are giving your representative lots of control by getting them to act for you, so be certain you have full confidence in this person.

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South Carolina Power of Attorney Form Details

Governing Laws South Carolina Code of Laws, Sections 62-8-101 to 62-8-403
UPOAA Based? Yes
Is Durability Presumed? Yes (according to Section 62-8-104)
Multiple Agents No (according to Section 62-8-111)
Statutory Form No

9 South Carolina POA Types

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The South Carolina Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney forms are recommended in preparing for real estate property arguments. It will be wise for you to handle the documentation at this point, as forthcoming occurrences may make you unable to make your choices.

The form is going to keep active even when you’re unfortunately indisposed. Be mindful if you simply intend to complete the General Power of Attorney form — it becomes ineffective if a physician concludes you’re disabled.

You will wish to complete this form as a preventative measure — there’s no way to predict when an accident can occur, which turns you impermanently not able to make your own choices.

Create a free high quality South Carolina Power of Attorney online now!

General Power of Attorney Form

The General Power of Attorney form is typically applied to allow marriage partners to act for each other. This allows you to decide on a member of the family or a close friend to handle your financial concerns while you are not available. Of course, you must always make certain you’re deciding on a reliable person to act on your behalf in this situation. Remember that if you got indisposed, this document would come to be void.

In case you are interested in a form that keeps being valid even in the event you are not able to communicate with other individuals, you might decide to go to the Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney form.

Health Care Directive/Medical POA

The South Carolina Health Care Directive form establishes a Power of Attorney condition when you appoint someone reliable to act and speak on your behalf. This allows these people to come to health choices on your behalf in case you have been unable to communicate them to hospital workers.

Additionally, this is the document you ought to use in order to create your Living Will or some other end of life care wishes. This form serves as a safeguard should an unlucky occurrence influence your healthiness and make you be put in the hospital. Not having this document put in place, medical team members won’t know the things you would want to transpire.

Limited (Special) Power of Attorney

Limited Power of Attorney forms are applied to specify somebody to act and speak on your behalf in specific situations. This document may be taken in any circumstance and may be customized to your wants. It’s meant to deal with a great variety of issues — it merely requires you to have an understanding of why you demand a Power of Attorney representative.

Always make sure to carefully set down, in depth, what your attorney’s abilities and regulations are so that your desires are not misunderstood. You might also want to make sure you’re giving this power to a dependable individual, as with any POA form. You don’t want to be caused legal or financial harm later on.

Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Guardian of Minor Child Power of Attorney forms are made to ensure a childcarer is able to act on your child’s behalf while you are away. In case you plan on leaving your kid in the care of a dependable family member or relation for a long time, be sure to fill in this document.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form

The Revocation Power of Attorney form must be applied if it gets essential to cancel the present POA. You will need to help all the involved persons be aware of it on paper, as that can be used to support your assertion in an argument.

Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Real Estate Power of Attorney forms are legitimate documents that have you pick an agent to make decisions relating to your real property. The form guarantees this agent will stay within the legislation, but you’ll want to anyway choose a person that you have faith in and know well.

Once the form is filled in, you will need to have a notary public and two witnesses put their signatures on it. Later on, in the event you apppoint a new agent, this form becomes non-valid and removes any power to make choices for your property from the broker. It is also possible to remove your ongoing representative by writing a notice when you need to.

Tax Power of Attorney Form

You’ll have to fill out this Tax Power of Attorney form in case you plan on allowing some other individual, such as a tax attorney, to access your tax data and make filings. This document grants these people legal approval to do this.

Vehicle Power of Attorney

Vehicle Power of Attorney forms are meant for helping you in recording the new car, obtaining a title, or appointing someone to act and speak in your stead in front of the Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services Division. It is mostly applied by those wishing to assign some other individual to be in charge of their automobile.

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Other South Carolina Forms

More fillable South Carolina forms available for download on our site and that can be customized in our simple document builder.

Published: Oct 1, 2020
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Mara Erlach
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